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Synthesis Method :

Coordination polymers are defined as a
complex of metal ions and molecules ligands extended in unlimited network
structure which is formed by self assembling process, Hence self-assembly
process for coordination polymers is effective for the following reasons: (1) a
wide variety of frameworks can be realized just from simple building blocks of
metal ions , organic bridging ligands and counter anions ; (2) easy and
rational modification of organic bridging ligands is possible; (3) several
interactions such as coordination bond, hydrogen bond, aromatic interaction ,
metal-metal bond and van der waals interaction are available; and (4) the
reaction can be controlled by different Components such as  temperature , pH, solvent, pressure, etc. For coordination
polymers, the recrysallization method is not useful for obtaining high purity
or large single crystals because they are very insoluble in  most solvents .Therefore,  diffusion , hydrothermal and slow evaporation
and many other methods are as common techniques to synthesis pure coordination
compounds. Moreover a new synthetic approach has been developed. 163

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It is well known that the
crystallization, structure and morphology of MOFs and CPs do not depend only on
the modules building blocks, but they are in control of many synthesis
conditions such as solvent type 164, pH value of reaction mixture 165, temperature
166, reagent concentration 167, time 168, molar ratio of starting
materials 169, the presence of counter ions 170, and pressure 171. These
parameters have been divided into two main categories such as compositional
parameters like the solvent type, pH, substituent of ligands, the molar ratio
of starting materials, counter ions, concentration and also process parameters,
for example,  pressure, time, temperature
(Figure 43). 172 These parameters have an deep effect on the structural
chemistry of ligands and assembly process of ligands with metal centres to
produce diverse structures.

Several types of methods were
followed for the synthesis of MOFs. Each method can lead to compounds with
different particle sizes, size distributions and morphologies which leads to
different applications. Among them, some important synthetic routes are
mentioned here.

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