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Student debt is something that can definitely haunt many people for years and a major issue occurring in America. All the student loans received does not allow our population to settle and make a life of their choice. There are people having to limit themselves on items they buy, or on any entertainment they wish they could go to, due to the small amount of money they keep after their monthly payment for their loans, as well as other bills. For example, there are thousands of Americans that are buried in thousands of dollars in debt that do not allow them to buy their dream house or car. They have no choice, other than having to settle for less. Although, they were once promised that getting a degree would guarantee their success and a very bright future, instead, it is now costing them their dreams. It has been said that our nation owes over $1.48 trillion in student loan debt, among millions and millions of borrowers. After looking at many statistics I propose a solution once and for all, for our nation’s student loan debt. I propose that the people borrowing loans work for the people who they are borrowing the money from until the debt is paid off. As they work for them, they will be given a place to live as well, but of course not of their choice. They will be very limited on what they spend their income on, that being, that they will only receive half of their salary and the other half will be directly deposited into their debt. Therefore, they will only be allowed to spend their other half of salary on clothing, food, and any other daily necessities. They would be getting treated almost as an indentured servant, back in the seventeenth through nineteenth centuries, when people would get placed under contracts to work for another for a certain amount of time. This solution, will help our population realize how terrifying a student loans debt can be. It is almost pointless to get a degree in one’s dream career, when one is living miserably, not being able to buy any possible luxuries one could be enjoying if smarter choices had been made. Not being able to go on vacations, or buy any of their dreams depending on how bad one’s debt is. However, imagining graduating with a degree and no debts at all, being able to even go on a graduation trip, is much more exciting than thinking of all the debt one will still owe even after finally earning that degree. One must make smart choices, to live the life that has always been dreamed of.

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