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1.    Financial Administrator

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·         Retrieving assets, such as shareholders, creditors, banks

·         To work in this field your obligation is to serve someone furthermore be capable to definitely describe the financial services

·         Capable of imparting instruction in different fields of the finance background including planning and control (application and allocation of resources)

·         As a shareholder, you must implement different facts and law to pursue the

Investment; and as a creditor, you must meet all the criteria for credit-line limit

2.      Credit Analyst

·         Review and evaluate collaterals, determine solutions on behalf of the costumer

·         Monitor the financial viability of entities and describe their financial record; data, credit endowment, including credit history and up to date assets to minimize peril exposure

·         Instruct on depth-loan counseling and trade advise to clients

·         Solicit new business while maintaining excellent rapport


3.      Accountant

·         Accountancy (maintain fiscal-commercial records), examine plus prepare budgetary financial records statements to ensure accurateness

·         Measures the results of an organization’s economic activities and conveys that data on to a variety of users, plus  investors, creditors, management, regulators

·         Guarantee that statements plus the financial records comply with laws and regulations; compute taxes owed, prepare tax returns, and ensure prompt payment

·         Accounting has multiple subfields or subject areas such as financial accounting,

auditing, tax accounting and many more



Are you developing a competitive advantage?

How many certifications will you need?

How will you know that Finance is that major you aspired for your ultimate goal?



While this global market, it’s critical to recognize your assets (what you’re good at), your aspirations (what you want to do), and the market realities (what people will pay you for)



My target audience is for a student whose major is in Finance trying to decide which field will want to follow.

My plan is to write a description Essay because I will be listing sub careers under the finance major.




Financial Administrator:


·         What does a Finance Administrator do?

–          Retrieve information, allocate resources, and commit to the institution to minimize loss

·         Job Requirements

–          Comfortable working with numbers and people, and several certification to comply with the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA

·         Education-Experience requirements

–          Bachelor’s degree in Finance, economics,  or an associate degree in business ), work experience as an intern in the field


Credit Analyst:

·         What is the job a Credit Analyst?

–          Estimate the perils on lending funds; examines, reconcile, review financial statements, evaluate payment plan, present all judgments’ and reference to management-banks

·         Job Requirements

–          Comfortable operating with executive management and who enjoys analyze figures to help a company succeed, join an internship level

·         Study-background qualifications

–          Bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance, or associate degree  in accounting, require a Credit Risk Management certificate


·         What does an Accountant do?

–          Presents reports, measure, and analyze budget information to external users, such as investors, potential investors, and creditors

·         Business Requirements

–          Join a company as an intern to acquire experience and understanding various accounting applications

·         Study-background qualifications

–          Associate in Business Administration, and if you are looking into finding a

upper level position it will require a bachelor’s degree accounting, or economics and to be registered as a Certify Public Accountant (CPA)

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