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Solution to the HIV Crisis:        HIV/Aids are a major issue currently affecting the world. HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus, this means that the virus affects a human’s’ immune system causing it to become very weak and slow functioning. It is a very dangerous illness because it causes damage to certain parts of the body, and since the immune system is weak it increases the risk of obtaining other illnesses, and leading to further complications. This disease is very complex and can affect a variety of people like, anyone who is sexually active, or anyone using needles/syringes. HIV does not currently have a cure, however; if a person has good medical treatment the effects could be controlled, so a possible solution to the issue is improving the HIV test so that it is more accurate, easier to access, and available to everyone no matter their situation. If we made the test electronic we could give the results immediately after getting a fluid sample from the person being tested. We could also start a campaign to promote awareness and we could identify the disease in people during the early stages to lessen the damage done to the body. We used as a source for research, this nonprofit government website doesn’t only provide information of HIV about its history and symptoms, this website also gives people easy access to information of HIV prevention, HIV testing, starting HIV care, and helping people live normal lives with HIV. The other source that we used to gather information was or the Center of Disease Control and Prevention. This source is help full because everything is very organized and easy to find. This website can answer most of your questions about HIV, and has accurate information/statistics. The cost for the solution that we presented will mostly likely be free/very low for the Eastern and Southern African people that are affected by the early stages of HIV, and cannot obtain medical treatment. Since a very large percent of people that live at Eastern and Southern Africa are poor/homeless, and the rate of sex trafficking and rape are high, we can assume that it will cost a lot to provide all the resources. This treatment will not be very feasible because there are so many people, we could make annual/monthly checkups mandatory to check as much people as possible. In developed countries the treatment will be safe, however; the developing countries will be hard to set-up sanitary environments for testing. We will use recycled materials to help the environment, but lots of resources will be used. The cultural impact of this solution will not seem as great at first because people aren’t very exceptive of change, but when results start coming in people will see it is worth it. The positive side is that more people can live healthy, and comfortable even with HIV because we can fix the symptoms. The negative side is that no actual cure for HIV will presented, and lots of money will be needed to sponsor the production of the tests. The most progress will be made when people who have it find out they have it, will work on not spreading it to others, and less and less people will have to come for constant treatment. So when we have to spend less time treating people, and we become more familiar with how the disease works, we can focus more on research to find an actual working cure .So that is why this can be considered a solution.

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