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So many of things that we use in our everyday lives are
composed of chemical matters and they do their job well
for the most part. However, what if they could be more effective, better for
the environment and less hazardous to human health? I began with that vision
when I started my undergraduate studies in chemistry at college.

I always feel that world is racing against time last few
years especially in the area of science and technology. In order to prepare
myself for such a highly competitive technological smart world, I have been
pursuing my journey of continuous learning whether it could be an academic
under graduate degree or technical skill development with a lot of conscious
dedication, perseverance and hard work. I believe that the under graduate
courses lay the foundation covering most of the basic chemistry topics. One
should pursue graduate level academic courses in a particular specialization so
has to gain in-depth knowledge and practical training that global industries
currently demand so this thought led me to pursue my master in analytical

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It is with this keenness that I have forced my attention to
gain knowledge to understand life and for its betterment and this can be
justified only through a Master’s Degree Education. I do realise that whatever
I have learned so far is merely a drop in the ocean and that learning is the
continuous process. A Master’s Program in abroad will provide opportunity to
gain in-depth knowledge in various analytical techniques involved in the fields
and also provides state-of-the art facilities for the research which will help
me keep up with the fast and ever changing pace of the technology involved in
the analytical field. Thus I want to realise my dreams and shape my goals by
pursuing master’s studies in a country that will help expand my horizon.

I have laid strong emphasis on developing my emotional and
intelligence quotients. I am an extremely gregarious person, and I never let a
situation affect my sense of humour or composure. Possibly, the best thing that
has been said about me is that, i am the ideal person to have around in a crunch
situation. I always try to make a difference by reaching beyond my spare of
influence. The personal satisfaction come along with trying to make a
difference is an added bonus. This has given me a sense of personal
satisfaction that no amount of extraneous recognition can substitute. My
experience taught me to value individuals for what they are, and that canalizing
their strengths can make an all round positive difference. Given an
opportunity, i hope to utilize all my strengths and qualities to prove myself
an asset to your department and esteemed institution.

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