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Since the appearance
of computer and the Internet, the human society has entered a totally new era.

All aspects of human social structure have been innovated. The development of
technology makes the people life become very convenient, and the connection
between the world has become closer. The artificial intelligence is a new field
of computer development, but the benefits and the damage of artificial
intelligence technology development would bring of human society are still

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In recently years,
more and more people began to pay attention to artificial intelligence. The development and
application of artificial intelligence systems have created considerable
economic benefits for human. If scientists want to develop artificial
intelligence technology, it would need to a lot of investment. it seems not
only bring negative influence to economic development, but also consuming a lot
of money. However, in fact, the development of technology is based on the will
of human beings. The main purpose of human development of artificial
intelligence is to serve human. if this technology can bring economic benefits
to society, it will undoubtedly give priority to development.

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