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the founding of Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) in the 1950s till date it has been betrothed
in plentiful military operations alignment from action operations to
Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief (HADR) and Peacekeeping/Support
Operations (PKOs).However in recent times Peace Support Operations (PSO) mainly
termed Peacekeeping accept been a primary captivation of the Ghana Armed
Forces. For the accomplished three decades or added it has been operating in Lebanon,
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Liberia, Chad, and South Sudan which
happens to be Africa’s newest nation. Ghana Armed Forces accept deployed
admiral and men in this military operating theatres with the mission of
creating an environment of security, adherence and peaceful atmosphere in the
corresponding nations. Operations by the military absorb a top amount of
accurate and abundant insight planning so as to best or reduce the associated dangers
or complexities that may arrest the objectives of the military operation. Armed
tasks absorb a top brand of adversity and insecurity, area actions, purposes
and dangers alter over time and the logistics needs to reflect the operating
affairs (Ferris and Keithly, 2001).


these missions rests on the adeptness of the Armed Forces to be able and move
its Forces to the operational theatre and sustain them while they are engaged. These
accommodate the courage for military operations. Without fuel, ammunition (guns),
rations and added supplies, the Armed Forces would grind to a halt. The Ghana Armed
Forces accept to be able to be deployed anywhere in any part of  the world unusually in an era of affiliation
warfare, logistics abide a key factor. Sourcing and Logistics deployment in
avant-garde operating theatres accept confused from the acceptable food or
ration  as well as fuel such as Forces
and allowance to the insertions of avant-garde abstruse accessories such as
added accelerated and bashful jets, cutting-edge riot-control Forces, lighter
infantry accessory that do not overstretch troops, ultra-light automobiles and
bigger frontline infrastructures. In the maritime area, Navy officers accept
for years been excessive for adroit mini-submarines that can be distantly
activated, and fast apathetic dominance boats for anti-piracy and bank
assurance tasks. Exact advice on the adversary  is continuously on the armed forces purpose
list, and accomplishment in approaching clashes will accept charge of ability
that can assassinate active assay to advice ascertain adversaries and
attainable armies such as Unarmed Vehicles (UAVs/drones), robots that can
accomplish apart to conduct banal task. This study seeks to  examines the importance of  logistics support for operations in the Ghana
Armed Forces.

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