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 Sign out New SearchReportsAccountICI: Innovation, Communication and ImplementationThe Innovation part of this plan includes funding and personal use to innovate new solutions for infrastructure. This includes scientists, and engineers to cultivate new solutions and the consultation of economics and country representatives to talk about the realistic cost on both innovation, and for the countries themselves. This will include solutions that connect the rural areas to the metropoliUtilizing natural resources and resources accessible in Panama for constructionUsing materials and resources from other countries through funding and transportationThe CommunicationUniformity is KeyCreate panel or platform to foster communication between nations, the UN and other organizations and affiliationsFunding will be handled, asked for and managed efficiently by this Communication panel Will have repentives from members states and representatives from private organizations Uniformity on legislation as wellWorks well for one country, help anotherFocused on the Implementation of below strategies and infrastructure with minimal costs and nuances Infrastructure Included in the Plan The project incorporates control and security systems with the latest technologies that includes building access control, vehicle control, perimeter alarms, intruder detection in buildings and video and recording control systems for the locks on the Pacific and Atlantic sides of the Canal, as well as for the associated buildings.Over 10,000 credentials and 400 readers for access control, 350 cameras and 4,500 detectors. A vehicle control system to prevent entry to the premises by unauthorized vehicles, control internal traffic within the installations and at the Canal gates, indicate authorized or unauthorized access by individuals to the gates, and prevent acts of sabotage in the most sensitive areas of the Canal.Ship detection system which will use technologies to notice floating objects to prevent them from becoming dangerous. And increasing security and surveillance on the canal. Sensors in the canal walls that measure the environmental data around the canal for accurate reading. Creating a fire detection and protection system with advanced technological notification and extinguishing infrastructure as highlighted in earlier legislation. , Alarm with have A, telephone and hotline services in the event of emergencies in the canal, canal infrastructure or boatsThe canal will use buoys as a way of guiding boats and carriers and as way to mark damage and track experiment, these guys will have advanced trackers in them The Onam Wall will need inspections weekly to and major checks monthly to ensure safety and strengthTraining and tourism sectors will be emphasized and utilized for efficiency and capital raising9414 words (Less than 1 page) DeepSearch onCheck Plagiarism

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