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” The Gold Rush” is among the best masterpiece of Charlie Chaplin movies, that stunned many spectators in the beginning of the nineteen century and still does many viewers today. This film starts introducing the Lone Prospector and Big Jim searching for gold in the Alaskan’s wilderness. However, facing a nasty cold and snowstorm, they search for a warming and cozy shelter to hide from the harshness of the climate.They found the lone shelter at the Black Larsen’s cabin, known as a criminal. After a long fight with Black Larsen demanding to let them stay in, the Lone Prospector and Big Jim were accepted, but then their food gives out. While Black Larsen is the chosen one to go out to find food,  the Lone Prospector, and Big Jim, starving and troubled to survive cook and serve one of their shoes. Moreover, in the research for food, Black Larsen finds the gold mine and decides to stay there though he plans to ambush Black Jim later. After the blizzard ended, Big Jim returns to his gold mine where he was attacked by Black Larsen, that in the end he died from avalanches and Jim loses his memory after this event. Moreover, the Lone Prospector moves to the town where he meets Georgia at the dance-hall. Though Jack Cameron ‘loves’ Georgia, she does not put up with his flattering and nonsensical talks. Because of his disrespectful attitude, she asks the Lone Prospector to dance with her in order to show Jack Cameron that she chooses to dance and to be friend with whomever she wants. In the final episode of the movie, Georgia realizes that Jack does not really change his behaviors, which makes her leave the town on a ship where she reunites and fall in love with the Lone Prospector.    Foremost, in this charming movie, “The Gold Rush”, which this paper response, on one hand, is an interesting, engaging, entertaining drama silent comedy that amused and entertained all ages group spectators back in 1925, when it was first performed, and still does it today. On the other hand, the plot focuses on the main character, Chaplin, who balances the humor with emotion, while conveys the social, economic, and political matters to his audiences. Furthermore, Chaplin, as my favorite character in this movie, illustrates that misfortunate and laughter go side by side in human life by creating a storyline of hardship and starvation into a drama comedy. Watching Chaplin, as a poorly and hilariously dressed tramp using his cane walking along the perilous cliffside paths of Chilkoot Pass would be the first comical scene that caused me to bust a gut of laughing. Taking also into account the name of the movie, “The Gold Rush”, there are not many wealthy characters in this plot. Contrasting, there are damaged cabin, wrecked equipment, battered and weathered characters in abundance which this movie apparently actuate. For me, I found even the theme of this movie funny just seeing, Chaplin, a courageous ragged man, where along with other gold-hunting prospectors are in a journey to search for riches and gold by marching the Chilkoot Pass into the vast unknown Alaskan wilderness. Putting this in the modern world, an explorer climbing the Mount Everest that never he did before searching for riches or me sitting at the desk all day and suddenly have an idea to take an Economic crash course over the weekend to get success, they are just nearly as comical. Hence, the message hidden behind its theme is that through hard work, persistence, and ambition we are able to accomplish the American Dream that promises great opportunity, better and successful life.    Additionally, it is Chaplin’s character that creates the majority of the laughs in this film. For instance, there is a scene that gives a great tone of the movie. It is where remaining alive after near-starvation, hardship, and roughness,  the tramp Chaplin’s spares a pair of buns which he then converts into a pair of dancing feet to entertain his dinner guests. Besides his charm, funny and professionalism play, Chaplin suggests that he celebrates of having food in a world of want as well as emphasizing that the rationalism of the early American is not an impressive lifestyle, but a life of troubled, impoverished and distressed.    Yet, there is another scene in this movie that is quite depressing summarizing the account. It is when Chaplin plays a spiteful joke when he waits in vain for  Georgia, the woman who falls in love at the first sight who promised to come at New Year’s Eve dinner. The shot sequences show how Chaplin, alone in the cabin, prepares a simple and heartfelt dinner for Georgia, how Georgia and her friends celebrate the New Year’s Eve party at the local tavern in town, how Chaplin  passes out at the table  while waiting for her way too long without showing up, how Georgia acts carelessly when Chaplin came to the Dance Hall in the town, how Georgia judges Chaplin refusing and embarrassing him and how Cameron, who desires Georgia makes fun of Chaplin and constantly picks a fight with him. All these shots, to me, which they are the most melancholic and heartbreaking scenes in the entire movie when Chaplin is mocked and ridiculed, in a moment in which sympathy and dishonesty synchronize perfectly to the heartbreaking effect. Also, watching this movie and noticing how Chaplin is often confronted by a large well-built man who demands him to fight, he reminds me the story of King David who fights with Goliath. Consequently, on the one hand, this reinforces the notion that even what seems unachievable can be conquered with creativity and hard work. On the other hand, Georgian’s negligence toward Chaplin shows the nature of society’s insensitivity towards those who are outsider, lowliness, and inferiority. Overall “The Gold Rush”  is indeed a funny drama comedy movie where Chaplin shows through his hilarious scenes the problems of  conflict, suffering and mistrust relationship are part of human life as well as through this silent movie accompanied by orchestra, he engages the audience to use visual senses to read much deeper into the scenes and understand the message behind the play.  

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