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Shanghai Cooperation Organization is the association which from the primary days of the action positions as the open and adjusted global association. Today the entire world faces an arrangement of calls and dangers in political, financial, military circles. Development and fortifying of good neighborhood with the outskirt states turns into the essential factor of the worldwide relations. In such manner support of the nations in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is of specific significance. The reasons for SCO stay perpetual, and straightforward, they are strength and improvement on space of state individuals from the association. Unfaltering after to these reasons enabled SCO to make an intense commitment to adjustment of a circumstance on the Euroasian landmass, having affirmed the straightforward truth “to oppose to new calls and dangers the world group can just together”. Is Shanghai Cooperation Organization certification of solidness of the area any more? SCO connects specific significance to association in the circle of wellbeing. It is realized that after development of this association, the instrument of collaboration in battle was against three powers of malicious as fanaticism, dissidence and psychological warfare and furthermore with medications and cross-outskirt composed wrongdoing as the primary objective. Attributable to joint against fear based oppressor practices are frequently arranged, dynamic endeavors for settlement of a circumstance in problem areas are made that permitted to secure adequately wellbeing and soundness in the district. On June 9, 2017 in the capital city of Kazakhstan occurred the chronicled summit, after which the Shanghai Cooperation Organization entered another phase of the institutional improvement as “The Shanghai eight”. Extremely, the structure of the association made in Shanghai which was established by China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan effectively over fifteen years prior is out of the blue extended. What’s more, as it is extended! In its positions – at their demand – two effective atomic forces of Asia – India and Pakistan are acknowledged as lasting individuals. Subsequently, SCO incorporates four atomic forces. Is it Cooperation or Soft Power of China? In the idea of Chinese “delicate power” it is conceivable to allot three fundamental bearings. The first of them is doing the security strategy coordinated to aversion of disturbance of a worldwide circumstance. As indicated by it China tries to isolate from any military clashes on the off chance that they don’t encroach specifically on its regional advantages, as if there should be an occurrence of Taiwan or islands in the South China Sea. The second heading is alleviation activity in financial and social region, medicinal services, training, the helpful circle. Not at all like the West, Beijing in the meantime does not interface help with political and ideological issues. The third heading are really the activities of social character intended to demonstrate all to the world present day accomplishments of the People’s Republic of China.

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