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           Seti I: A great pharaoh?                             Seti I was an very important figure in Egypt. Seti I, one of the greatest pharaohs in Egypt, made many achievements to help his country. Seti was the ancient Egyptian king of the 19th dynasty and ruled from 1290 to 1279 B.C.E. He was a strong leader who helped Egypt’s military and bring peace to the people. Citizens believed that he will still bring prosperity even after his death. His tomb was one of the most well decorated tombs in the Valley of the kings, but received damage. Seti was very important figure in Egypt because he helped restore Egypt’s territory, spread prosperity, and protect the people. Seti I was known for many accomplishments. He  restored Egypt’s territory. Before Seti I ruled, the Hittites invaded Egypt and took over some land. Seti I tried to take back Egypt’s land after the Hittites invaded Egypt  in 1344-1322 BCE. HIs son was destined to protect Egypt from invaders. The most famous battle, the battle of Kadesh, was led by Ramesses II.  He battled in northern Palestine and Syria and fought at least one battle with the Hittite king Muwatallis to regain Egypt’s property. Even though Egypt was well armed and had natural boundaries, invaders still came in. He increased the number of warriors through propaganda. To prepare for the attack. If Seti I did not bribe the people, invaders could of invaded the country and conquered the Egyptian Empire. His military campaigns strengthened the Egyptian military. An engraved message n the north wall of the Great Hypostyle Hall at Karnak describes a battle in this campaign. His victory at the battle of Palestine inspired people to join the military and was one of the most powerful military at his time. He inspired his son to protect the citizens of Egypt, so Ramesses II established the Egyptian-Hittite peace treaty. Seti I promoted prosperity in Egypt. Seti fortified the border of the country, opened mines, dug wells, and rebuilt important buildings. Seti I was known for his famous temples and buildings. He took over his father’s work on building temples when Ramesses I died. He continued the Hypostyle Hall located at Karnak. The hall was one of the important places where priests and pharaohs performed rituals. He also built a temple for Osiris, one of the great Egyptian gods. He improved religion by building these temples dedicated to the gods of Egypt. Seti I improved traveling the scorching deserts of Egypt easier by digging wells. They can have a sturdy supply of water with them. If they run out of water, they can get water from wells. Seti I succeeded very much in his time. He was considered a great military leader. He followed his father’s footsteps into becoming one of the most powerful Egyptian military leaders ever. His tomb, located in the valley of the kings, is one of the finest tombs ever created. It is filled with paintings and drinks. This tomb was the longest tomb measuring at 450.1 feet.  Seti was very important to the citizens of Egypt. Therefore, he had a well done tomb. The tomb was damaged. Seti I’s achievements proved that he was one of the most important Egyptian pharaohs in history. Seti was most known for his architecture, his military campaigns. He strengthened Egypt’s military, improved Egypt’s economics, and protected the people.  

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