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secure jobs. With time however the usefulness of studying the
Arts and Humanities is revealed, 1’With 15
years of experience under their belts, those with a Bachelor of Arts
degree can be earning an average of £85,000, 11% more than those with a
Bachelor of Science.’ This trend highlights the delayed gratification that Arts
and Humanities graduates achieve. Once again demonstrating that skills attained
by studying the Arts and Humanities are useful to an individual by helping them
flourish in their employment.


One aspect of Studying the Arts and Humanities that is often
overlooked, is how useful it is at helping students develop knowledge and
understanding of foreign languages and cultures. In a world that is becoming
increasingly globalized, being educated in foreign cultures and languages is
increasingly beneficial for both an individual’s career and personal life.

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Speaking a second language has numerous employment benefits. Being bilingual
means that there are more job opportunities. Communication in the workplace is
vital and in our globalized society it is unrealistic to assume you won’t have
to interact with someone or a group of people from another culture or with a
limit ability to speak English.

 Increasingly employers
are considering bilingualism a high priority, 2’The
number of online job postings targeting bilingual workers more than doubled
nationwide between 2010 and 2015, rising 162 percent,’ It could be said that in
the future being bilingual will be vital to a successful career in many


Having an understanding of other cultures and being bilingual is not
only advantageous in the corporate world it can also be useful in living a fulfilling
personal life. Being bilingual and well versed in other cultures presents an
individual the opportunity to make friends with people who share that language
and partake in their appreciation of different cultures. Bilingual individuals also
have the ability to travel abroad open pathways for new experiences and greater
opportunities in their lives. These factors

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