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Secrets of Body Language Video  1. “Nonverbal communication is behavior other than written or spoken language that creates meaning” (p. 180). Types of study for nonverbal communication include (but not limited to) movement and gestures, eye contact, facial expressions, vocal cues, use of space and territory, touch, and personal appearance (p. 184). Pick 2 types of nonverbal communication and define and explain both. Include direct quotes from your text. Also, give specific examples from the video to support your two chosen types of nonverbal communication.  ~Eye Contact and Gestures are two types of nonverbal communication. Eye Contact is defined as “your decision to look at someone, or avert your gaze, that has an enormous impact on your relationship with that person.” (Pg. 187) Basically, eye contact is when you look at someone during a conversation, how you look at someone in a conversation, and rather if you decide to look at someone during a conversation. The four functions of eye contact are cognitive, monitoring, regulatory, and expressive. The video in particular features a scene of Britney Spears using the regulatory function of eye contact.  Beebe, Beebe, and Redmond state that the regulatory function is “eye contact that regulates whom you are likely to talk with.” (Pg. 187) During Britney’s troubled times she wore shades and looked away from paparazzi. This allowed us to believe that she was not interested in talking to them at the time. Gestures are another type of nonverbal communication. Gestures are body movements that one makes when taking part in nonverbal communication. Examples of gestures are pointing, waving your hands, nodding your head, and etc. Around 34:24 in the video, we see how Bill Clinton perfectly uses gestures to get his points across to his audience.  2. Beebe, Beebe, and Redmond posit, “Every culture has fairly rigid ways of regulating space in social interactions. People may consider violations of these implicit rules threatening” (p. 204). Describe in detail a scene in the video where culture dictated the more truthful interpretation. Give direct quotes from text and be specific in detail explaining the scene in the video.  ~ In the film, Bill Clinton, Ehud Barak, and Yasser Arafat meet up to discuss peace negotiations. On the way into the meeting area, Barak and Arafat seem to be playing around with each other and laughing about who will go inside the door first. However, they are not playing with each other and they are debating on who is in control. Beebe, Beebe, and Redmond state that “cultures develop unique rules for displaying and interpreting gestures and expressions.” (Pg.204) In America we believe that letting someone go through the door first is polite and a sign of respect. Although, in the Middle East letting someone go through the door before you are superior and have full authority. 3. Beebe et al. state “It would be easier to detect deception if people had noses like Pinocchio’s, which would grow whenever they told a lie. But in the real world, some of the best ways to detect whether someone is telling the truth are to (1) look for nonverbal clues, (2) listen to the content of what the person says, and (3) measure such physiological responses as heart rate, breathing, and other factors” (p. 203). Pick an example in the video where the experts used ‘deception talk’ to explain the situation, in other words, the person being discussed in the video was telling a lie. Explain thoroughly and support with direct quotes from the text to strengthen your answer.  ~ In the video, we are shown a press conference of Marion Jones (profession track & field) regarding the accusations of her taking performance-enhancing drugs. Throughout the conference, Marion was using deception talk. The content of what she was saying didn’t quite add up. Marion mentions how she wanted us to “get a good idea of how she is feeling.” (1:00:43) However, when you watch the video she isn’t really showing any emotion. She also mentions how her accusations have made her “more sad than angry.” Beebe, Beebe, and Redmond state that “sometimes it’s better to listen to the message rather than nonverbal cues to determine if someone is lying.” (Pg.203) Marion claims that she is sad but if the accusations were false she should be angry that people are lying on her name. Instead, she says she feels sad. Marion’s eyebrows also indicate that she might be untruthful. If she was sad or angry her eyebrows would be down. However, during the conference Marion raises her eyebrows in an attentive way as if she is worried (possibly worried about the truth coming out).  4. What did you find the most interesting material in the film? Give a thorough explanation of the scene and back with direct quotes from the text.  ~ I found the material about “micro expressions” the most interesting. Micro expressions are “expressions that come from our emotional state before we have time to think about them.” I found this the most interesting because I know that I do this very often but I didn’t know that there was an exact term for it. In the film, Arnold Schwarzenegger uses micro expressions. In the middle of this speech about his allegations of sexual misconduct, he makes a sudden snarl that he doesn’t realize he’s making. This indicating that he is somewhat angry. When I’m engaging in conversations with others I tend to make facial expressions that I don’t really mean.  

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