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Schools /Students Value Grades More Than Learning

Learning is very important for all people. This process never ends
because the person stays learning for a lifetime. Multiple learning spaces
enable learning everywhere. The school is the best place to learn. Some
students and schools insist on the value of grades rather than learning. They
believe that grades are the measure of student achievement and not learning.
The nature of traditional teaching methods encourages the value of grades
rather than learning. The argument claimed by some people increases the value
of grades. Although learning is the most important output of education, student
achievement measures and traditional teaching methods control the value of
grades more than learning.

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Degrees and grades are of high value to students and schools. Schools
classify students according to their degrees on the tests. Students shall keep
the course material for the tests and the students will succeed in obtaining
the high grades on which they join the higher stages.” Degrees take their value
because on the basis of grades the schools differentiate between the students
at the levels or the university or any other stage”( Katsikas,
2015). Not only does it make it difficult for employers to vet the
caliber of an applicant, but it also misleads students, who often use their
grades as benchmarks to help diagnose their strengths and weaknesses.


        Traditional teaching methods play a
very large role in giving value to degrees. Grade is the main reason that
encourages students to score more than learning. The student’s role in the
educational process makes him interested in degrees rather than learning. The
nature of the course material itself is a factor of value grading factors more
than learning. “Traditional teacher-centered
methods focused on rote learning and memorization must be abandoned in favor of
student-centered and task-based approaches to learning. However, many parents
and conservative citizens are concerned with the maintenance of objective educational
standards based on testing, which favors a more traditional approach”( Armstrong,


       These arguments and reasons have become
weak. Education should be aimed at learning rather than grading. This argument
is unfair and incorrect. Now,” education is based on the learner and not the
teacher provides opportunities for direct learning. The learner is the one who
discovers the information and the facts by himself, so the learning becomes
more valuable than the grades”( Berman, 2014).
The impact of learning appears on students in all their practices and ideas,
but the grades lose their value once entering the next school stage. Students
learn more value than degrees education becomes fun rather than indoctrination.
This argument took a long time to differ in views on the value of grades or


        In conclusion, education is very
important. Education forms student ideas and identifies their attitudes.
Students value grades more than learning due to the importance of grades.
Degrees are the measure of student achievement. Traditional methods of teaching
make students more receptive, more valuable than learning. Modern teaching
methods make learners more interested in learning than grades. These reasons
help to resolve this argument

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