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main objectives of the study is to investigate the usability, importance of
educational technology, availability
and whether
primary school teachers are utilize the educational technology tools for
teaching learning process. For this kind of research two different
questionnaires used for the collection of teacher and student data. After the processing
of collected data result decided that educational technology improve the
teaching & learning process at primary school level in pkp.


 Keywords— Educational technology,Usability & Availability
of educational technology,


Education means to bring about desirable
changes in the behaviour of individual according to the demands of its
concerned society. Primary level is an important stage in the child’s
educational life. If a teacher make the entire concept clear to a child then in
future the student will be able to handle the  difficult things easily (Suleman, 2008). The
word technology derived from the Greek language  “techne” or “technique” which means art. Educational
technology is the development application and evalution of system, techniques. which
improve the process of student learning.It is more practical, less theoretical
and fast growing modern discipline. Educational technology  enabling the child to find, manage, evaluate
and use information retrieved from calculator, charts, electronic dictionary
etc. By providing access to a range of information technology resources. The
children  can also discuss his or her findings,
and share them with others using presentation and authoring software.
Educational technology provide opportunities for children to learn about the world
beyond their classroom and also afford opportunities for children to develop
learning skills, thinking skills, including problem-solving, and communication
skills. Educational technology
is complicated, comprehensive and integrated process which involves many things
like, people, ideas, procedures, devices and organization design to evaluate
problems and it also includes other various processes like, devising,
implementing, evaluating and managing solutions to those problems which involve
in all aspects of human learning (AECT, 1977).





Educational technology is broad subject and it is
impossible to cover it as single subject. Therefore, it is further divided into
four classes i.e. instructional technology, teaching technology, behavioural
technology, and instruction design or management technology (Sharma &
Sharma, 2006).Instructional technology is “the theory and practice
of design, development, utilization, management and evaluation of processes and
resources for learning”(Seels & Richey, 1994, p.1).Teaching technology is a unification of academic
systems which is designed to enhance the effective design of teaching-learning
process, to solve the problems which are faced during teaching and learning
process and to improve the quality of the information which are presented
(Isman, 2002). Educational activities are those activities which
are designed to bring about desirable changes in the behaviour of the students.
Therefore, behavioural technology is broader than educational technology.According
Smith & Ragan (2005) the management
technology as “the systemic and reflective process of translating
principles of learning and instruction into plans for instructional materials,
activities, information resources and assessments”.


& Aims of Educational Technology:

Educational technology
has played a essential and
revolutionary role in the education system. It has determine and boost the teaching learning process.
However, the major objectives of the educational technology in education are
describe below.

Educational technology is involved in
three aspects in education e.g. input, teaching learning process and output.

Educational researches have no impacts
on the existing educational problems because these researches have theoretical
nature. Educational technology has played a important role in solving classroom
teaching and training problems practically and experimentally.

The main problem in teaching learning
process is to handle individual differences in effective way. The educational
technology has developed the  strategies
to ensure the solution of the same problem.

Educational technology builds up
educational theories for teaching and instruction and makes scientific
foundation to education. (Sharma & Sharma, 2006, pp.57-58).

Educational technology make the class-room teaching more effective
& easily modify the skill of the teacher and the learner.







Role  of Educational Technologies:

According to Sharma. & Sharma (2006,
p.40), the important role of the educational technology are described as below;

It analyzes and evaluates the teaching
learning process.

It develops and organizes suitable
instructional materials for teaching learning process.

It prepares teachers in the use of new
teaching technology.

Educational technology have played a
vital role in equalizing educational opportunities without taking into
consideration the social, economic and geographical position of the learners.



Ø  to
investigate the availability, usability and usefulness of educational
technology at primary level.

Ø  to
explore whether teachers are trained for the effective use of educational
technology at primary level.

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