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Salem Witch Trials          Conflict     It all started in the winter of 1691.A few girls tried fortune telling by using the method “venus glass”.That’s when you drop an egg white into a glass of water and that shape represents something.One day a girl by the name Elizabeth Parris,saw the shape of a coffin.   Shortly after that,Elizabeth,age 9, started to act very strange.For example,she would hide under furniture or bark like a dog.This happened in January 1692.Abigail William,age11,also experienced the same symptoms.Their parents called the doctor for a examination.The doctor,William Griggs,said nothing was wrong.Scientists now a days suspect that the girls ate some rye that had poisonous fungus.After that lots of women in the village started acting the same way.The first person they assumed was Tituba,the Indian slave,and Sarah Osborne.The reason why suspected is they never attended church or town meetings.   After that chaos was always happening in Salem.Tituba eventually confessed she was a witch.Once she said that Tituba,Sarah Osborne,and Sarah Good were arrested and examined.While being examined Tituba said herself,Osborne,and Good had been approached by the devil to do his dark work.  Eventually,everyone was blaming others of witchcraft.One rumor was that the minster made his family blame specific people for revenge.Over the year 200 witches were put in jail.About 20 were executed.Bridget Bishop was the very first “witch” to be brought to trails and the first to be hung.Some ways they were killed was being hung,executed,or dying in prison.     Sadly,many people died.Some were guilty.Some were innocent.Gallows Hill is a ledge where people were hung or executed.Although you may think only women were accused of witchcraft,men too were accused.John Proctor was the first.He was accused because his servant,Mary Warren,was having fits.His pregnant wife was accused first.While Ann Putman,one of the first girls to have fits,was being examined she said Proctor and his wife hurt her.                  Compromise Finally,May of 1693 it stopped.The reason why it ended was because Governor Phips,a governor from a nearby town,said the use of spectral evidence was declared inadmissible.He said that because in his town they don’t accept spectral evidence.Spectral evidence is when someone has a dream and they see someone being accused.The government apologized to the families who had lost their loved ones.They also took the remaining villagers out of prison.That’s how a few young girls started something historical.           SummaryThe Salem witch trials was people accusing others of witchcraft in 1692 through 1693.Salem,Massachusetts is where it all happened.Ultimately the colony admitted that the trials were unnecessary.Since then,the story of the trials has traveled around the world.      Important PeopleBridget Bishop:First person to be taken to the trials.Sarah Good:One of the first women to be accused of witchcraft.She was hung on Tuesday July 19,1692.John Proctor:The first men to be accused of witchcraft.Sarah Osborne:Was suspected of witchcraft with Sarah Good.She died in prison on May 10,1692.Tituba:She was the very first to confess she was a witch.Abigail Williams:She was one of the first girls to be affected.         A recreation of the meeting house.   A drawing of the trials.

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