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Running head:LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENTDifference between Management and LeadershipWhat is leadership and management? Leadership refers to the art of motivating a group of people to work towards achieving a common goal.Management involves activities of strategy and coordinating efforts of employees in an organisation to achieve the organisation’s objectives.The warden with leadership qualities is followed because of his personality,behaviour and the passion he incorporates in his tasks giving him the  ability to correct and inspire.This is unlike the warden regarded for his management behaviours as he gets the subordinates to follow him because of his professional title or designation.Leaders create visions while managers create goals.In leadership people are engaged and inspired to turn a vision at hand  into a reality. Leaders get others to be part of it.Managers work on setting,evaluating and achieving objectives set by getting the subordinates to accomplish it in their proposed  way .They work to minimize risks involved unlike the leaders who take risks for a better realisation that is if it comes out as a success.In leadership trust is inspired unlike in management where everything relies on control.In management their exist consequences incase one gets out of line as power distance is distinguished.A leader assigns duties while in management duties are fostered in consideration of the person in question and the prosperity of the vision.In management things are strictly ran by time  with the idea of achieving the objective shadowing the person’s other life activities .Management is accountable to the team but leadership is accountable to to the whole organisation ,a mistake can ground the whole organisation.The best leaders leads and lets others manage and the best managers understand their leaders visions and work with their teams to achieve it.Are you a leader or a manager? ReferencesThe Little black Billionare Secrets Nov 15 2016…/9-differences-between-being-a-leader-and-a-manager/…/leading-v-managing-ten-important-distinctions-that-can-help-yo.        

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