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Rukmani’s LifeMarkandaya, Kamala. Nectar In A Sieve. 1954. Signet, 2010. There are various themes in the Nectar in a Sieve book but among all of those interesting themes, I found suffering, love and the impression on the foreigners are the most important.    For example, when the storm hit them hard, including Rukmani’s farm and Kali’s hut, Rukmani said, ” We must thatch our roof before the night. The rains may come again. We need rice too” ( Markandaya 41).  They are in a huge trouble now because there is nothing left to eat and all of their farms are ruined and some lost their huts to stay in. The village life is slightly different from what we experienced because when they got into trouble, none of them help each other and they have nothing to give others. Likewise, when Ira got divorced and came back to her mother house, Arjun, her brother said, ” It is not enough. I am tired of seeing my brothers hungry. There is never enough, especially since Ira came to live with us” ( Markandaya 51). They are poor enough that cannot effort for another extra mouth and even got mad at someone who is just got divorced with her husband. Family means to be supportive when someone is in the bad condition but they just can’t deny the reality of hungriness and there is not enough money to keep another human being with them.                                                Zar 2    Love is not only about the marrying and having children but it’s how you built and keep that family together with understanding and giving trust to each other, no matter what is happening. Likewise, when Rukmani married a poor farmer Nathan, people said, “… without beauty, without a dowry. ‘ A poor match'” ( Markandaya 4). Even people said ‘a poor match’ and have a little conflict between them, he never yells at her or raises his voice to her. They deal with every problem they have and tried to keep their family as happy as they can with loves. On the other hand, someone like Ira, who is really beautiful and her husband, who is rich and handsome, people said “‘What a good match. Too good to be true'” ( Markandaya 37). Sadly, the appearance and the money can’t keep their marriage life going. They got divorced when Ira turned out to be a barren woman. Money does play important role in a real life but that doesn’t mean everything is perfect for them. Besides, I can see clearly that their relationship is filled with understanding when Kunthi comes between them, Ruku said, “‘That she is evil and powerful I know myself. Let it rest'” ( Markandaya 85). Kunthi is smart and uses the key main point to threaten, which is for Rukmani’s visit to Kenny and her sons with Nathan, to get those rice from them. Rukmani just let is aside since they have known each other for a long time that wants to look over and want to sustain their marriage.    The colonial world has brought in unfamiliar objects, people and the way they treat the Indian workers.  As for the Indian people who worked daily basic in the open field under the sunlight, they are envy to those who ” with no worry for the next meal and plenty always at hand. I would gladly wear a burka and walk veiled for the rest of my life it I, too, could be sure of such things.” ( Markandaya 48). The way Indian farmers experienced their lives is way too different from how the white people live. Not only the way the white people lived so differently from the farmers, the way they treated them is also worst.  Indians workers got exploded because the British are not paying enough for their hard work, they said, ” We shall not go back until our demands are met” ( Markandaya 65). Based on that line, we can see how British are colonized the Indian and how the Imperialism began.    After all that happened, this is a really good book. If you can just imagine how they could have changed only if the British don’t come between them. There won’t be any tannery since they there is no tannery, the farmers wouldn’t lose their farm. If they still have their farm, they can just work where they used to be and don’t need to worry about their meal and so on.

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