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Rough Riders intro”Rough Riders” was the name for the very first U.S. Volunteer cavalry under the command of Theodore Roosevelt and Leonard Wood.For Theodore Roosevelt to lead the cavalry, he had to step down from his job as Assistant secretary of the Navy.The plan at first was to fill the cavalry with men from the Indian territory, Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma, but once Roosevelt joined, its was started to be made up of Texas Rangers and Ivy-League athletes.The training for the Rough Riders was more elite than other cavalry’s, for example they used their carbines and revolvers and primary and secondary weapons.  Most of the men were already experienced horsemen, but they still refined there skills by shooting from horseback.The higher-ranking men studied books with war tactics and drills to improve on their leading abilities.  Everyone in the cavalry was trained well and not thrown into war without proper training.                                                        Battle of San Juan HillOn July 1898, the U.S Expeditionary Forces under Maj. gen. William R. shafter attacked the Spanish defences of Santiago, this is where the spanish squadron lay protected in the harbor. Shafter then ordered the Fifth Corps to attack San Juan Heights,  Gen. Arsenio Linares put a forward defensive line which was 4,000 yards long on San Juan Hill.At 1:00 P.M. the main attack finally started, the key to the attack was by the U.S. infantry division was the effective fire of a battery of three Gatling Guns that forced most of the Spanish defences to flee while the U.S. secured the heights.During this, to the right a few dismounted cavalry moved up Kettle Hill and drove out the Spanish Soldiers from the top. In this battle, even though the regular U.S. Army provided most of the battle, Theodore Roosevelt and his cavalry unit got most of the press and glory of the victory, and referred to them as a group of Western Cowboys and Eastern Elites who were known as the “Rough Riders”.

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