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Rice is the mostly used staple food in large
part of our country and positioned at third number in worldwide production. Overall
90% of rice produced and consumed by Asia. Drought is the major environmental
stress alters the growth, yield and production of the plant. Also have adverse
effect on the metabolism, mineral content and photosynthesis of the plant. Understanding
drought stress in plant will be critical in changing environment. Rice is
susceptible towards drought stress. Soil fertility play important role in
production. Genetic engineering, plant breeding are the specified techniques to
identify the drought tolerant traits by the use of molecular markers and
quantitative trait loci. The rice mini-core is a valuable resource for genomic
and crop improvement strategies. Variation at molecular level helps to identify
the potential of the trait. Characterization of the selected Bioprospecting and
allele mining material at different stages under drought stress was done. Some
characters plant height, booting and flowering stage affected by the drought
stress. The major effect of irrigation shown in some specific lines.
Comparision of phenotypic characters between control drought stress. Parameters
including relative water content, chlorophyll and wax estimation were used to
characterize different genotypes involved in drought stress. Data sets of
selected genotypes include comparative analysis of both control and drought
stress. Allele mining facilitates the selection of the drought tolerant
genotypes and plays an important role in diminishing the production. Identified
gene of known function and sequence screened for allelic variation through tilling
and PCR based approaches. Evolution study, similarity analysis, new halotypes and
molecular marker development included in the allele mining.  Identification of stress tolerant genotypes
helpful to develop new cultivars through plant breeding processes and select
variety best suited in water deficit growing conditions. Also cost effective
and farmer friendly to increase yield in rainfed areas. Collection of drought
tolerant traits is a powerful point that enables better yield production to
become effective crop biodiversity. Based on these references tolerant genes
are identified. Results of this work shows new aspects for the identification
of the genes tolerant to abiotic stress. Present study suggests that allele
mining could be one of the useful ways towards crop improvement. These studies
aim to identify the variant and novel genes responsible in water deficit

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