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Religious Education should be taught in schools to help
the students learn good deeds and for them to apply it in their lives.

Religious Education is a big help to students because it
teaches them to be open-minded about other people’s beliefs and faith. Numerous
children are being bullied because of their beliefs and faith. They are afraid
to show their real religion in fear that people might judge them or make fun of
them. As early as possible, children should understand that the beliefs of
others are as important as theirs in terms of avoiding negativity about the
differences of world religions.

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Religious Education is easily ignored in our world.
People would usually say that Math is more important because it helps us think
logically, History is needed because it’s very useful, and Science needs to be
learned because it can help us understand global warming and other scientific
stuffs. We clearly don’t notice that there is also a very important skill that
can be learned from Religious Education, which is looking at someone’s point of
view or their own perspectives. We are surrounded by issues and chaotic
problems that require us to do this skill.

According to without Religious Education
we can’t be good communicators, because as we grow up we would meet different
people with different religious beliefs and backgrounds and if we are not good
communicators how could we be able to understand others without underestimating
or judging their arguments. According to too, a student blogger
said that Religious Education isn’t taken seriously at their school, it just
sits huddled in a corner at the edge of humanities office, which means that it
is undervalued and unappreciated.

In conclusion, Religious Education should be taught in
schools because it teaches us values that we can use in our everyday lives and
it helps us learn skills that not any Math, History, and Science Subject could
give. Religious Education can help us mentally and physically unlike our other
subjects. This is why we should give importance to Religious Education because
it teaches us a lot of good values.


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