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Relative Distance

A poem story about a couple that is having a problem with their relationship.  They started to fall apart from each other.  While they were looking up watching the ceiling and thought of their failing relationship.  Realizing that they are losing the love and communication with each other’s.  They were two person who once love are strong for one another.  Inside an empty room surrounded by hard walls, they were lying close to each other silently.  Reminiscing the happy moments thy once share before, thinking what happen and they started to fall apart.

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Holding each other’s close arm, their minds are full of memories they had.  The sounds of the calm sea occupy the empty room they are lying.  Facing their backs they realize the love and feel they have shared was gone.  Between them a feeling of emptiness that makes them realize that this is their last day being together.  They talk and ask questions with one another but they receive a low answer which makes them sadder.   It makes them think harder that their time us a couple has come to an end.   No excitement only full of sad and dull moments nothing to share and because love has finished.

Separating ways look hard for them but all they have to do is accept that things are not working the way they want.  The love that they had was already long gone that they cannot relate to each other anymore.    It is for them the right them to let go of each other and that it can be the best way for them.   They try to work things out but they couldn’t make it they know that it’s all gone the feelings and love are gone even if how much they try to work if they cannot do anything at all.

So basically this poem story is a couple who are very much in love but the time has come that they can no longer continue what they started because of the low communication.  For me, it is very emotional like you can imagine how they are in the story.  It is hard to imagine that you promise to love and be together for the rest of your life but at when you have small problems you will realize that things don’t work for both of you which then you decide to break up.  Even if they don’t want to break up but they know that this is the only way to let each other’s take their own way or find what they really want to be.  Unlike other couples, they could just let go of each other very fast but this two seems that they having thoughts, but at the end, they made their decisions.  I think even if how much you tried to work things out if things don’t work out anymore I don’t think it will ever work.  Because I do believe that things happened for a reason and that we should accept even if how hard and painful it is.  this poem is very short which has I honestly had problem thinking how should work on it but, then again it is about understanding and what I think I understand on is just what I share here. 

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