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Reinventing yourself

Good day fellow Steemians. Welcome to my blog once again.
Today post is about how to reinvent yourself. We all have our Downs in life.
Read this post to know how to get back up in no time, and create the future you

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You just got out of jail, had bad grades in school, had
financial setbacks, got rusticated from college, failed a qualifying
examination etc. Stop whining over it, stop the blame game. Your vision is to
become a Professor, but here you are struggling hard to make good grades in
college. Do not fret.

All you need is to reinvent yourself. It is never too late
to reinvent, redefine yourself.

Many people made mistakes in the past, but they never
forgave themselves. Do not let the past hold sway over your future. Let go of
the past. Past is history, bygone. Let go of it.

Reinventing yourself doesn’t mean taking little steps in
modifying yourself, it means moving into a new person. It is like moving from
Android OS to Apple IOS. Truly reinventing yourself is hardwork, but it pays
off at the longrun in multiple folds.

Reinventing yourself: Steps to take

Do you really want to change?

This is the first step. Ask yourself the question, do I
really want to change? Many people do succumb to their setback, they accept it
as fate, and they do not want to move forward. If you are among this set of
people that don’t want to change, you never will. You must have the positive mindset,
positive believe.

Review your circle

Your circle of friends must be reviewed, reexamined. Who
will despise you if you change your old self who doesn’t make you feel good. You
need to clear them, they are junks and only fit for the trash. Your circle of
friends determine who you are, where you will be, how you live. You need to
attach yourself to the right people. You had bad grades in school, why don’t you
move closer to the students with good grades. You got demoted at work, why don’t
you move closer to the colleague that gets good appraisal every time from your
superiors. You move closer to them tap knowledge from them.


Nobody is an oasis of knowledge. Nobody knows everything. Read,
attend workshops, webinar just to expand your knowledge. Ask reasonable questions
from more knowledgeable people than you. It will make you grow better mentally,
personally and professionally. Learn from others, watch highly rated films. They
are ways to expand your knowledge. Read wide and extensively. If you don’t read,
you won’t be able to gain knowledge that will reinvent, redefine you.

Never stop learning


Yes the last step is FAIL. When you are ready to fail, that
means you are ready to take challenges, explore new things, experiment. You are
not going to learn football today and be as good as Cristiano Ronaldo or Leo
Messi. You will fail a lot when attempting to be the best. You have to accept
the fact that you are going to fail. Embrace it, learn from it. When you
experiment new stuffs, projects, some will be successful, and some will be a
failure. The ability to try is what is truly important. Never afraid of

 Reinventing yourself
is not easy, but with hardwork and patience, you will get there.




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