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Reading Source: Why read the Classics by Italo Calvino


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is a word that has many definitions, one of the definition is the books that
usually people reread instead of read. However, this cannot be applied on the
youth generation as at their young age, it would imply their first time reading
the classics.

            People who have
either read the classics before or for the first time have different pleasures
and understandings. In other words, the classics are not treasured only by
those who have read and loved them, but also by those who are given the
opportunity to read them for the first time.

            Although contents
of the classics may sometimes be forgotten, it still remain deep in our hearts
for certain individuals as future experiences. When the classics are being
reread, it will soon be made known that the classics have become part of their
everyday lives. As a result, classics are the thing that goes to an extent to
influence any individual.

            It is recommended
for people to reread the books of their youth in adulthood, as they may have a
different understanding and experience, finding something new each time they
read it. Every time the classic is read, it is as if the first time, in other
words, there is something that we may have already known but not understood yet
that may be discussed in the book.

            A book that has
endless discoveries is called the classics. It is also a book that is passed
down to people about the author’s reading before including the language and
customs that change the very core of the book in some cases. However, it is
through reading these that we are able to feel the author that has been passed
down from generations.

            It is better to
read the original writing of a classic rather than an introduction or a
bibliography, as no other will be able to express the one of the original.
Besides, the classics can sometimes discuss the things that we may have never
realized if it is not mentioned by the author or may have special relation to
the text.

            People who read the
classics, will love it, as they are able to relate to the classics as they
enter into the lofty realm that completes them. So, classics are books that are
equivalent to the universe and the ancient talisman.

            In addition,
reading the classics is not only about the strong rapport of self-identifying,
but also the strong rapport of disapproval that binds in and becomes the
people’s classic. Overall, classics are not to be ignored easily.

            Moreover, the
classics are books that people are able to notice immediately of the connection
and family tree. Classics also has the ability to immerse a reader in another
world and away from the surroundings.

            Lastly, classics
help people to understand themselves and their position in life. Reading the
classics do not have any purpose, if there must be a reason, then it is better
to read than not to read.

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