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Ralph was near castle rock. He could see that there were savages in the
face of humans. The conch was gone now like Simon and Piggy. At night there was
feast in the castle. Ralph saw Sam, and Eric guarding the castle against him.

Ralph went close to them. Sam, and Eric told him to go away as far as he can.

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Roger, and Jack wants to hunt him. Ralph was sad because he didn’t know what
his fault was. He was hungry and Sam gave him a chunk of meat. Ralph asked them
to go with him but twins refused to join him. Ralph hid in a thicket near by
the castle and fell asleep. In the morning he heard some voices he was awake
with closed eyes. The rock that had killed Piggy was inside in the center of
thicket. For a moment he felt safe. Then he heard voice of Jack, and Roger
torturing one of the twins and asking them about where Ralph is hid but thicket
was very thick it would take a week for them to break it. Some boys tried to
find their way inside the thicket, but Ralph didn’t let them. Then Ralph smells
the smoke and realized that Jack has set the jungle on fire because of Ralph to
come out. Ralph left his hiding place and run away from Jack and his hunters.

He knew that they were coming for him. He came to a pig run and followed them
for a while, but he needed a place to hide. At last he reached in the beach and
the hunters were behind him. Suddenly he saw an officer stood up from the sand,
looking at Ralph. The officer asked him if there’s anybody with him. He said
that they saw their smoke in jungle. Jack and his hunters reached to beach and
after seeing the officer, they stood up at their places. The officer
thought that they were only playing. As Ralph felt safe and thought of going home,
he told the officer about Piggy and Simon and everything have had happened.

Officer felt bad about bunch of British schoolboys that have behaved this

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