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Pueblo IndiansMost people do not know who the Pueblo Indians are, but it is a good thing I get to take my time and tell you all about them.  The word Pueblo is actually a Spanish word that means “village dwellers.” They did not really get this name for anything special really. They got the name because they were never really the type of Indians to move around. In fact, they would build themselves a village. They had buildings and homes made out of first mud and water then they advanced and it went into clay and straw baked into hard bricks then stacked. They got them so perfectly straight that even today there buildings are still standing. The Pueblo Indians were every good stone artists and most homes and buildings were multiple stories high.  The Pueblo Indians did all this in South West America were they have always lived. The Pueblo Indians lived in the states; Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. These four states are the only states that make up a perfectly four corners. The Pueblo Indians mostly lived in New Mexico and Arizona along the Rio Grande and Colorado Rivers. Where the Pueblo Indians lived it was more of a desert kind of land. There was some water but it was more rocky and dry type of land. The climate there was always pretty hot so for their crops they had to irrigation since they did not get to much rain. The animals they had were mostly reptiles; they did not any like bobcats or bears, or at least that’s what we know of. For livestock they had sheep, goats, and wild turkey. The Pueblo Indians raised turkeys like how now a days we normally raise Chickens. Since the Pueblo Indians were kind of close to the rivers, the men hunted as much deer a they could and small game. Since the Pueblo Indians lived in a village rather than moving all the time, they had more time to focus on their religious beliefs, culture, and traditions. They did not believe in more than one religion, they stayed with the Hopi religion. The Hopi is very complex religion to understand. The Hopi religion was very well belief system. It had many Gods and spirits; such as, Earth Mother, Sky Father, the Sun, the Moon, Kachinas ( invisible spirits of life ), and Masaw ( the world’s guardian spirit ). But we will not get way into the Hopi religion since it is so complex. During the Pueblo Indians daily life they did a lot of farming and pottery. The Pueblo Indians ancestors were the Aztec. The Aztec were very, very good with stones. They were considered the stone masters. During almost every day the women would be potterying and the men would be out farming up the land or taking care of the animals. The Pueblo Indians were very important Indians. If it was not for them we would not be as good as we are now with stone. We might not even know how to really make bricks. The Pueblo Indians were so good at bricks and they were so perfectly straight that they did not even need mortar to hold them together, they just stayed. The Pueblo Indians were very smart and talented Indians.

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