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 Psychology is one of the fascinating subjects that people use everyday life without even realizing it. The information we learned in the psychology 101 can have many positive outcomes. First, become mere productive. Knowing and understanding my downfalls and time management it can help me to focus on the task and eliminate distractions. Second, make a wiser and accrued decision. From judging someone to build a career, psychology can help to understand others and make better decisions. Lastly, get motivated and improve personal skills. One of the biggest skills is to have a good communication with those who are around. Communication is one of the many factors to have a successful life. The psychology field does a great job of pointing importance of communication and how it can be used on daily basis. Also in chapter two we learned biological bases of behavior. One of the most important and helpful chapters that play an important role in our society. It amazes me how our brain works and how it’s all connects. William James once said, “The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.” (William James, 1842-1910). Another perspective to look at this chapter is that this chapter explains how people behave and what cause for people to do a certain thing. For instances, “the purpose of psychology is to give us a completely different idea of the things we know best” (Paul Valéry). Knowing and understanding all of the knowledge we learned in the class, we can apply in everyday life. Psychology can be applied in any aspect of our lives. Either it’s a career, relationship, aware of others, improving a memory, having a job, family, or being parents, all of those aspects can help us to make an accurate and better decision.           One of the major and most interesting subjects we were learning is that people always tend to follow other people’s examples, footsteps. In general, people like to belong to something or somewhere such as; community, sports, clubs, churches, and etc. For most people, it’s important to be part of something bigger than themselves. Even if the individual doesn’t agree with circumstances or believes, it seems that society pushes us to be like everyone else. “I don’t want to be different, or ruin my relationship”, a lot of people would be questioned themselves when it comes to a disagreement between the person in the group. There is always a group of people who go along the way with the majority of people. For instance, the Asch test is an experiment developed in the 1940s, that shows how large group of people can or have an influence on a minority.            One of the most famous psychologists Georg Simmel explained the differences between large and small groups and what impact they have on each other. The small group of people are the people who usually have a common goal or similar believes, they also have more influence and effect on each other. And there are large groups who share similar ideas. Georg Simmel believes that small group tends to have a stronger the relationship and members of large groups usually have more possible relationships with each other. The relationship between an individual and the society is “dual in nature” Simmel believed. An individual is at one and the same time within the society and outside it.           Karl Marx believe that communism was a right way to deal with society and live in society. As a sociologist, he was an amazing thinker and philosopher, but he had a small vision of what society is in other parts of the world, and what society can be. In his article “Alienated Labor”, he claimed that in capitalist society become more like “a slave of the object”. In the other words, people become attached to their daily jobs, it becomes number one priority for them. It’s not that work is not important, it’s more like people cannot separate work and personal life. For instance, Karl Marx commented once, “the life which he has given to the object sets itself against him as an alien and hostile force” (Karl Marx). Until this days people debating if Karl Marx was right about his predictions, but what we do know is that society did change in the many ways, and our priorities changed as well.           As the wealthiest and fastest growing economy, U.S. tend to have lots of economic opportunities. Although we have plenty of opportunities, today most of opportunity comes with competition. From economic perspective, there is no right or the wrong answer, if a global competition has a positive or negative impact on The United States or on foreign countries. One of the major argument was made; that by moving large companies overseas will take “American jobs” and destroyed American economy or opportunities, and with no doubt in some way it will take “American jobs”. Based on United States labor it would be beneficial for businesses to move their companies overseas. The number one purpose in the business is to make the profit (money), not to satisfy everyone or provide jobs for everyone. One of the best examples would be country such as Columbia, where people specifically women are working for less money, just to survive another day. For some people, it might be annoying or even make them mad that those businesses are moving to other countries, but it also benefits large businesses and most important it helps people around the world to live another day.              My favorite part of psychology is that psychology builds on studies, facts, statistics, observations, experiments, and experiences. In other words, it gives a major credibility to psychology field. It is fascinating how psychology works and what can we learn from it. Over the years, psychologists all over the world have developed treatments that helped people and explained some abnormal behavior. Add to that, psychology is not only treats disorder or illness, but it also helps to prevent or identify different mental afflictions and abnormal conditions in our society. For example, “the science of psychology benefits society and enhances our lives. Psychologists examine the relationships between brain function and behavior, and the environment and behavior, applying what they learn to illuminate our understanding and improve the world around us”(American Psychological Association). Advancing psychology will benefit and improve people’s lives. 

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