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Prowling Panther

Who doesn’t like an animal themed game? Keeping
that in mind IGT has come up with an all new online slot game, specifically
dedicated to this majestic feline and its natural habitat. Following IGT’s
trademark, the game has a slightly off-beat yet familiar reel layout.  A five reel slot with about thousands or 720
to be exact ways to win, Prowling Panther has no model paylines and the
backdrop is majorly focuses on its lead, a Panther’s natural habitat. This unique game offers an
adventurous jungle-themed experience to its players with a unique 5 reel
layout, something they don’t get to experience on a standard slot machine.   Although,
the game kind of lacks the lustre of regular and wild scattered symbols, it
does offer surprises from time to time.

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Bonus Features

1.     Wild Multiplier


Although a bit awkward, the wild
multiplier feature offers serious profits. In the beginning the symbol appears
as a 2x which implies these symbols substitute for 2 of the any symbol that is required
to complete a winning combination. These wilds tend to appear on reels 2, 3,
and 4 and appear on the reels stacked together. Towards the end, the pay-out is
multiplied with the number of reels stacked.



2.     Free Spins


This feature is triggered by the
magnificent golden, growling panther sign. This feature set off after one lands 5 of these golden symbols on each
of the 5 reels. After the win, you are immediately awarded with 8 free spins
which can be retriggered if you land another 5 of the golden panthers on all
the five reels. Players have a chance to win up 96 free sins in the beginning.


3.     The Prowling Panther Pay symbols

The symbol in the game are
standard card symbols, along with a Parrot and a purple hued black panther.
These are an A, K, Q, J and 10 symbols. The final pay out requires about 3
matching symbols. However, they don’t have to be lined up on an activated help
line. They can be placed anyway, either adjacent, stacked or on left to right
on reel.


Although, the game is
fairly enjoyable we do feel that there are better animal-themed games witnessed
before. The free spin feature undoubtedly offers big wins, but other than that it
is a comparatively regular run-of-the-mill slot which might not interest avid
players for long. Holding the attention of such gamers might require IGT to up
their game a bit.


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