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 Prostitution, the
business or practice of engaging in sexual activity in exchange for payment1,
is legal in the Czech Republic, however, organized prostitution is not. There
have been attempts made by the Czech government to regulate prostitution but
failed to get the parliament’s approval. Currently, prostitution is very common
in the Czech Republic, especially in the capital city Prague.

 In 2005, the
government approved a law in order to regulate prostitution. The law was to
license the prostitutes. According to the aforementioned law, “The prostitutes
would get monthly health checks, pay taxes and health insurance.”5 To
issue this license, the prostitutes had to; Have at least reached the age of
18, have no criminal records, have health insurance, have their medical fitness
checked monthly, pay an administrative fee and have a full legal capacity.2 In
order to prevent the sexually transmitted diseases, the prostitutes would get
monthly checkups and need a medical report to continue doing their business.
This law needed the parliament’s approval but unfortunately, they did not
approve therefore the regulation of prostitution in the Czech Republic is still
an issue that needs to be tackled.

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 According to the Czech
Republic’s Global AIDS response progress report of 20153, the sexually
transmitted diseases’ such as HIV/AIDS prevalence in the Czech Republic is very
low. The prevalence rate in 2015 was only 0.22%. Mostly, men that have sex with
men carry the virus. However, the number of people getting infected is
increasing. Approximately 230 people are diagnosed with HIV in the Czech
Republic every year.

 In Czech Republic,
the punishment for human trafficking is 16 years imprisonment. Our government
also gives assistance to the victims of human trafficking. The Ministry of the
Interior funds non-governmental organizations to carry out campaigns for
raising awareness of human trafficking and forced labour. The government has
funded a campaign called “Say it for Her” in order to lessen the demands for
prostitution amongst foreign tourists. Also, in 2014 the Czech Republic became
a party to the 2000 UN TIP Protocol (Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish
Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children).4

 Our proposal in
order to regulate prostitution is to establish a similar law that our
government has tried to establish before: Licensing prostitutes. In this way,
it would be much easier for governments to keep track of what is going on and
with the obligatory health checks, sexually transmitted diseases could be
prevented from being prevailed and diagnosed quickly. We believe prostitution
should at least be partially decriminalized in every country because otherwise
it would still be done illegally and it would be even harder to regulate it.
Also, since prostitution is illegal in some countries, the prostitutes neglect
their health because they do not go to hospitals in fear of getting caught and
going to prison which increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

 We are looking
forward to discussing the crucial issues surrounding prostitution, with other
countries’ delegates so that we can resolve the issues once and for all.

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