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Proper health care is something that is necessary for every human being. Recently the number ofrefugees has increased rapidly. It is the responsibility of our committee to make sure that therefugees are getting proper healthcare. We all should work together to build a better and healthierfuture. Republic of Liberia recognizes the importance of having proper healthcare and sanitationsystem in refugee camps.To provide good health care systems, it is important to provide water and sanitation. Nowadays,forced displacement due to insecurity and conflicts have increased a lot. As a result a lot ofpeople are living as refugees. The committee has adopted several resolutions that are relevant tothe health of refugees. To build a better world, the contribution of refugees can really make agreat difference for which the wellbeing of the refugees is a priority. Ensuring good health of therefugees is a prerequisite in this regard. 14 years of civil war was responsible for thedeterioration of healthcare services in Liberia. Liberia’s health care is mostly depending on thesupport of NGOs. Inadequate health care services have resulted in malnutrition, high infantmortality rate and other diseases like HIV/AIDS and cancer. Children in the refugee camps alsosuffer from malnutrition, anemia. Not having clean water, proper sanitation and hygiene arecausing many water-borne diseases like diarrhea, cholera, typhoid etc.Not having proper health service in refugee camps is a great threat to the refugees which will notonly impact their lives but also the growth of the whole it is very important to overcomethe challenges and make the world a better place. All the countries with proper health mechanismshould come forward to help the developing countries and refugees living in different countries.The Liberian ministry of health is working along with WHO to deliver quality health service tothe refugees. Liberia continues to move from the restoration of the ebola outbreak with trainedhealth workers ensuring safe IPC (infection prevention and control) practices. A situationalassessment in 63 health-care facilities was conducted by the ministry of health with the help ofWHO. All the countries should work to ensure proper health services to make the world a betterplace. Developed European countries should work along with WHO to ensure proper healthcareand sanitation system in refugee camps all over the world.References:1. Improving water and sanitation facilitiesLink: promotiong health of refugees and migrantsLink: en.pdf3. training health workersLink: workers-deliver- safe-and- quality-health-services- liberia4. Liberian ministry of health working along with WHOLink: health-and- who-launch- training-safe-and- quality-health- services

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