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Project title: FITFORT Action Camera 4K WiFi Ultra HD Waterproof Sport Camera – An Updated Review For 2018


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Have you ever come across a picture or even a video that left you in awe of its perfection and splendour with its just right blend of colour, lighting, angle and most importantly its subject? Photography is powerful medium often used to capture and bring to attention important and even at times forgotten subjects. But what most of us do not realise is that a lot of time and effort goes in empowering that one shot. It’s a huge task! Find a particular location, lighting, hair and makeup (if needed), props and the most important element, camera. Something that can make or break the picture completely and presently we have a plethora of options all suitable for different purposes. So, keeping that in mind today we’ll be talking about FITFORT Action Camera, a rather new and budget-friendly addition to the lot which seems to be every blogger’s muse this season. So, here’s a detailed and updated review for 2018.




Equipped with almost every possible feature you could have asked for this impressive 4k action camera provides HD quality with Wi-Fi connectivity for easy transfer of pictures and videos. Also, a very user-friendly remote control that is easy to function and a wide angle lens that will allow capture of every subject with utmost clarity and precision. Also, this pocket-friendly camera supports underwater recordings up to 30 m. On top of that, its 2-inch display allows preview of every picture before the final capture.



Designed keeping in mind the needs of the amateur and professional adventure junkies, this camera is very comfortable in terms of handling ad use. At just about $100 FitFort is offering superior picture quality pictures even in the extreme weather conditions. So much so that it is designed keeping in mind everything, the openings are strategically placed so as to avoid any damage to the internal parts of the camera. Also, it’s relatively light and can bear the wear and tear of the outdoors and hence, promises durability. Also, their higher megapixels ratings help maintain the sharpness of the images.

Navigation and control

FitFort Action offers wireless remote controller which comes very handy when you are out and about on a new adventure. Also, the remote is very small and can easily fit in your pocket hence making it very convenient and a favourite amongst adrenaline junkies. If you ever replace or forget the camera, don’t worry, there’s an ergonomic button on the camera itself. Also, the fact that the firm is selling the camera at an inclusive cost, without extra charges makes the offer lucrative. The only drawback is that the screen is not touch sensitive but I guess that’s all you get at this price.

Video quality

FitFort with its superb video quality offers sharp video clip. Also, it has this in built noise cancellation feature that brings out the best in videos. That’s probably the reason why the camera I famous amongst bloggers because it require minimum editing. Also, the company guarantees stunning videos with negligible to no shakiness. All thanks to the large number of fps (Frames per Second). On top of that videos are compressed using different formats which lead to easy edits. Also, although it has an impressive action camera, the resolution, 2880 x 2160, is a little disappointing as compared to the other cameras but most of them belong to a different league. All these features provide with the kind of action photography experience that no other digital camera has, especially at this price. 

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