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Prohibitionist Carrie Nation was a very aggressive and precise part of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union in 1874. Carrie is an abolitionist of alcohol during the late 1800s, her role during this time was mostly defined by her perspective, her vision, her reasoning and her experience. These reasons are why Carrie is such a memorable abolitionist. One important influence that led to success was her childhood experiences.Carrie Nation’s childhood was one of the major influences in her beliefs growing up. Her father was a farmer and slaveholder. As a child, her family was poor and suffered from financial issues and she wasn’t in very good health. Growing up she had poor education and informal learning but she knew how to read. Many of Carrie’s family members had mental illnesses, her mother would sometimes have delusions. Her mother, Mary lived in an insane asylum in Nevada, Missouri. Having her mother so far away took a toll on her life. After growing up, she sold the land her father gave her and built a small house in Holden. With a great start to her life living in Holden she became a teacher and taught at a school for four years. As a young woman, she married Charles Gloyd who was an extreme alcoholic and had passed away due to his bad habit.  He had left Carrie alone to support their child, which was a very difficult as a single mother during this era. Shortly after her husband’s untimely demise, Carrie had developed a passion for activism against alcohol. A major influence that encouraged her motivation as a prohibitionist was her perspective she had developed on alcohol. Carrie Nation’s perspective was very manipulated throughout her life. Carrie had learned to read and spent much time with the Bible during her childhood. She is a believer in religion, and she also believes that alcohol causes problems that negatively affect the families and wives of the alcohol users. Which she had experienced herself, with her husband. Many people think that Carrie was insane because of her reasoning and actions while abolishing alcoholism. Though people think this they do not understand the pain this dreadful chemical has caused to her life as a person. Carrie Nation is viewed as one of the most extreme abolitionists throughout history because of her plan to eliminate alcohol.Though most people didn’t understand her reasoning behind her actions, Carrie Nation did have a vision. The sale of Alcohol was banned in every county of Kansas, but lack of enforcement of the law leads to illegal saloons showing up in small and large towns. Carrie Nation, being a strong activist against alcohol had sought to eliminate the illegal sale of alcohol throughout her state. She was the president of  WCTU and had led many peaceful marches to end the illegal sale of alcohol, but they had little, to no effect. She had also written letters to legislatures and lawman, that were never answered. Through all this effort with no change, she believed that God wanted her to take matters into her own hands. With the intent of destruction, she had planned to destroy and mutilate saloons in the hopes of scaring men to stop drinking. She smashed her first saloon in 1900 with rocks. She would later begin to carry a hatchet to these bars. She would march into a bar and sing and preach while smashing mirrors and stock bottles of beer with a hatchet. Her extreme protest ended in scaring men and putting the fear of god in their hearts to make them stop drinking.  At first, she wasn’t arrested, but later after destroying multiple other saloons, she was put in jail just to destroy again, after being freed. During her stay in prison, a group of determined alcohol abolitionists formed what is known as the ” Home Defenders Army”. This group destroyed dozens of saloons and finally attempted to go for the most popular saloon in Topeka, Kansas the bar in the hotel Carey. Turns out they managed to wreck the saloon, it was one of the influential parts in abolishing the consumption of alcohol in Kansas. Carrie destroyed many more bars until the law on alcohol was more strictly enforced. Carrie Nation did in fact have a overall vision for what she wanted to accomplish as a abolitionist Carrie Nation did in fact have a overall vision for what she wanted to accomplish as a abolitionist which overall ended working in her favor. During this era, it was well known the alcohol caused many conflicts including in extreme cases, bankrupting families. In low-income families where money is hard to come by the men would overspend and cause a shortage of funds for food and other essential living supplies, affecting them and their families. It was also known that men after drinking all night would come home and kill their wives and beat up their children. Carrie Nation’s vision was based off this idea and is a extreme motivation for her to keep striving to end alcoholism. For these reasons, it devoted many wives of alcoholics to finally stand up against the issue and take things into their own hands. The Home Defenders Army had drastically increased in numbers over time, becoming a stronger and more unstoppable force. Which overall led to the demise of alcohol in Kansas. With all of Carrie’s work finally reaching a milestone a resolution was reached in alcoholism.The resolution of the alcohol conflict ended in the favor of the Home Defenders Army. After all of the mass conflict, the governor finally gave a speech and the legislature responded to the governor’s speech, by passing an amendment that prohibited “the manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquors” in the state of Kansas. The efforts of the Home Defenders Army weren’t wasted, the solution to alcoholism in the state of Kansas was finally enforced and regulated.  The slogan “All Nations Welcome But Carrie” becoming a bar-room staple. In conclusion, Carrie Nation was a very determined and brave prohibitionist, who took matters into her own hands and became known across the country for her efforts to stop alcoholism. Her personal approach  to the situation may have been viewed as insane or unusual, but as successful as she was, it doesn’t seem to unreasonable after all. She will forever be remembered as a iconic and unique prohibitionist, that managed to persevere and majorly influence a culture into eliminating a bad habit.

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