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JD Sports products:

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Sports mainly sell Sports clothing items such as tops, boots, shorts, socks,
hats, scarfs, gloves and more. They also sell other items that you don’t wear
such as bags, bottles. On their websites they have different sections of the
website that shows just gender specifics sections for Men, Women and Children.
They show on their homepage if they have any discounts or not. Some people like
different brands so on the JD sports websites they list the different brands
they sell and when you click on the brand that you want it takes you to a page
that shows you all of the items they sell under that brand. 1








ITunes Products

iTunes (Apple UK) website shows you what iTunes can sell you products such as
Apple Music and Apple TV which are both apps that you can download onto your
apple devices from either the app store or you can access it from the internet.
If you click on the apple music on the website, it gives you an option that
takes you to another page that lets you try it for free for a certain period of
time. On Apple TV which is also in 4k, lets you select from over 100,000 films
and TV programmes. Apple Music gives you a selection of over 40 million songs
to choose from. ITunes and Apple offer gift cards that you can give to friends
or family and gives you a discount on both iTunes and Apple Products.2







JD Sports – Delivery & tracking online, getting the
product to the customer

Sports delivery and tracking section is very easy to locate as it is on the top
right of the home page which also lets you track your order, so once you have
purchased the item you can see the journey it takes to arrive at your house and
it also shows the delivery date and also on the homepage it shows you offers
such as free click and collect, unlimited next day delivery and a buy now pay
later option.  3






ITunes – What can you do with their apps

With an ITunes app you have a
selection from over 40 Million of the latest songs to download onto your mobile
device. The apple music app lets you stream your music Ad-free or you can
download and listen to music offline. The Apple TV app gives you a selection of
over 100,000 which you can download onto your phone and you can play it
anywhere even without WiFi.4







Payment method

JD Sports – payment method

The JD
Sports payment method is easy as all you have to do is click on the item you
wish to purchase and click on quick buy and then you select your size and
colour and then select add to basket. Once you have added the item to your
basket it will take you to your basket and it will show all of the items that
are in your basket. At the bottom of the basket there is a button that’s says
checkout securely. Next to the checkout button there is a button that lets you
redeem any codes to a discount on your items. Once you have checked out it
takes you to a page that either lets you check in as a guest or login into your
JD Sports account if you have one. Then on the next page it will ask you to put
in your address and your payment details and once you have clicked confirm it
will tell you when the expected delivery is and it will confirm your payment. 5





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