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Problem :We would like address the challenges that are being faced
during the elicitation phase of the requirements engineering process of the
software development life cycle.The stakeholders are the user and the requirement analysts
that are involved in the software development process. The improper gathering or elicitation of the requirements
may lead to the complete cancellation of the system development. Objective :The objective of our research is to analyse the existing
requirement elicitation techniques and provide an efficient elicitation
approach. Research Questions :Question 1 :  What are the activities that can be performed to analyse the
common defects that pose an impact on the requirements elicitation phase?Question 2 :How can we emphasize on the existing elicitation
methodologies to gain better knowledge about the core problems being faced in
the requirement engineering ecosystem?Question 3 :How can we integrate the prior elicitation techniques to our
researched findings to provide an efficient approach to the process? Benefits :1.     
The accurate execution of the requirements
elicitation process leads to a lesser burden on the client as well as the
requirement analysts.2.     
Requirements elicitation as a whole has a
superlative effect on the institution’s development and maintenance costs.3.     
A clear understanding of the requirements
provides vital information regarding the designs and models to be followed in
the upcoming phases of the development life cycle.4.     
Overcoming the challenges of the elicitation
process will eventually lead to a good quality software product.  Action Plan :1.     
Identify the tasks that need to be achieved in
order to perform an efficient gathering of the requirements. 2.     
Research the previous requirement elicitation
techniques so that we can try and implement and improvised approach to the
Acquiring all the possible viewpoints from all
the stakeholders present in the project so that we get a better perspective by
conducting a sample survey. 


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