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food is method to extend the life of food by killing the bacteria that can
contaminate the food. There are many methods to preserve food such as freezing,
drying, pickling, or others methods. Based on Victoria Hansen Food pickling is
the process of preparing a food by soaking and storing it in a brine containing
salt, acid (usually vinegar), or both, a process which can preserve otherwise
perishable foods for months. Pickling is more economical than others method,
because pickling method use ingredient that around us, such as salt or vinegar.
There are two methods to make a pickling food.

first method to make a pickling food is with salt.  Pickling
with salt falls into two categories there are dry salt and brined.
The dry salt method combines dry salt with vegetables in
quantities above what you would add for seasoning purposes.
Recomended to use pure sea salt without any additives or salt “pickling” salt.
The first step is you must prepare food, wash it with water. Then covered the
food with salt and rub it. After that 
put it on the can. Salt absorb almost all water from these
microorganisms, and makes them dehydrated, consequently they shrink and
subsequently die or paralyze.

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second way to pickling with salt
is mix liquid and salt.  Liquid (watery juices) is pulled from the vegetables, and
this liquid combines with the salt to create a brine. With the premade brine
method, a vegetable is placed in a combination of salt and water. In this submerged, airless state (below the
brine line), the vegetables ferment. First step is prepare the food and divide
the foods. Then, add fresh or dry flavorings, it desired. After that make brine
and fill the jars with brine.

second method to make a pickling food is with vinegar. In vinegar pickling, the vegetable doesn’t ferment. Usually,
the vegetable rests for a short time in a brine is drained, often brought to a
boil in a vinegar solution, packed into jars, covered in the remaining hot
vinegar solution, and water bath canned for long-term preservation. Max Bonem said on that the
acetic acid in vinegar brings up the acidity of the vegetable to a point where
no microorganisms can thrive.

Pickling is one the easiest and a good introduction to the
different methods of preserving food. Being able to pickle produce and other
food items will allow you to stretch your food supplies for extend the lifetime
of food. “pH of pickling food of 4.6 or lower, which is sufficient to kill most
bacteria. Pickling can preserve perishable foods for months. Antimicrobial herbs and spices, such as mustard
seed, garlic, cinnamon or cloves, are often added”, said  Dr. Shishirshinha on his journal.


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