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Pregnancy is an experience of motherhood, which
needs much more medical care and attention. Women who were healthy and
normal before getting pregnant may experience some risk of problems with them. Hypertension
occurs when women have high blood pressure. Having hypertension at any point
can lead to health problems, but especially during the cycle of gestation. It
could have dangerous outcomes for mother and child, if the adequate care is not
taken to control it effectively. The mortality rate in the world has reduced. Women
are still dying due to pregnancy complications. Hypertension and its disorders are
a leading cause of concern and its prevalence is increasing in developing countries.
Therefore, getting identification at an early stage and regular pregnancy care
can help to decrease the risk for problems before they become more serious.

There are wide varieties of factors that complicate
pregnancy. The maternal and fetal conditions include maternal smoking, blood
pressure, mean arterial pressure, body mass index, excessive protein in urine,
gestational age, etc. Also women face higher risk due to obesity, woman over
the age 40 or under 20, multiple births, woman with diabetes and kidney
disease, etc. The maternal hypertensive disorders in pregnancy can be
classified into particular classes like preeclampsia-eclampsia, gestational
hypertension, chronic hypertension and preeclampsia superimposed on chronic
hypertension. Preeclampsia (PE) is a condition that pregnant women develop with
high blood pressure accompanied by proteinuria. This condition generally
appears after the twentieth week of gestation. It may develop into the more
severe state called eclampsia. Development of high blood pressure in the second
half of pregnancy without proteinuria or other symptoms of preeclampsia is
Gestational hypertension (GH). A medical complication developed before
pregnancy or before the gestation week 20 is called chronic hypertension. Women
with Chronic high blood pressure diagnosed before pregnancy develops a rapid
increase in excess protein in the urine or blood pressure results in chronic
hypertension with superimposed preeclampsia.  The effect of
high blood pressure in pregnancy varies based on these disorders and factors. Many
researches are going on to find a long term health effect of maternal
hypertensive disorders. So it is needed to develop an efficient and better
method for identifying, diagnosing and treating women at risk.

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This paper is outlined as follows: The pregnancy health relationship and
a short description of hypertensive disorders are described in the first
section .Next section focuses on literature survey.  Third section involves the proposed system where
the model is explained.

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