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Predictive Maintenance

Maintenance is a condition based maintenance strategy in the reliability
centered maintenance approach, that examines the current state and performance
level of a component during the course of its normal operation, in order to
minimize the probability of any possible failure. The primary aim of predictive
maintenance technique is to reduce the costs incurred by decreasing the
frequency of the various maintenance tasks to be performed, to limit any unplanned
breakdown of the system, thus eliminating unnecessary predictive maintenance.

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Preventive Maintenance

maintenance is a time based maintenance strategy in RCM. It is the regularly
performed maintenance on the various equipments or components so as to decrease
the decrease the possibility of any failure of system. Preventive maintenance
ensures that all the critical parts and components of a system receive constant
maintenance to avoid any unforeseen breakdown of the system and subsequent
costly repairs. For e.g. we do not wait until our car’s engine fails to get the
oil changed, we get it serviced regularly. This is preventive maintenance.

Failure-finding maintenance

maintenance comprises of tasks that are intended to detect any possible failure
of components or devices within a system to reduce the probability of a
failure. It’s generally
just an inspection to check whether a component has failed. An example of failure-finding
maintenance would be to check a smoke detector regularly to confirm that it is
working normally.

Run-to-failure maintenance

maintenance can also be called “crisis time maintenance” In this
strategy, components are intentionally allowed to operate until they ultimately
break down. At this point of time, reactive
maintenance is performed on the components. No maintenance, including preventive maintenance, is carried out on the concerned
component until the failure occurs. However, a plan is already put in place before
the occurrence of the failure, so that the component can be fixed without
causing any significant damages.

Reactive maintenance

maintenance refers to the various tasks & repairs performed when the
component/equipment has already broken down, in order to restore the component
to its appropriate operating condition.

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