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Post completion of my
under graduation i.e. B.E. (Bachelors in Engineering) in Information Technology
(IT), I plan to pursue Computer Science Program to widen my skills and career

After completing my Intermediate education in 2014, I started pursuing my B.E.
in IT from Stanley College of Engineering and Technology for Women, affiliated
to Osmania University which is a highly reputed university known for its illustrious
and eminent faculty. When I embarked on this new journey, I reflected on my
past and identified drawbacks that I must improve on. One such aspect that I
realized was that I must work on my practical knowledge and my college has not
only provided support but reinforced my way of perceiving things. Hence, while
I was pursuing the B.E. program, I made every effort to gain practical
knowledge. I attended various technology workshops and embraced opportunities
to work on academic mini projects. My undergraduate course is providing me a
brief insight of computer languages and I have gained knowledge in the subjects
such as C, C++, Data Structures, Java, Database Management Systems, Computer
Networks, Software Engineering, Software Testing, Information Security.

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Apart from academics, active participation in
extracurricular activities has helped me to develop strong analytical
abilities, team work, and perseverance. I attended a two day workshop on data
mining and participated in CO’DE’BUG competition, in which I won the 1st
prize. I also presented paper and power point presentations at workshops. For
example, I presented on GiFi Technology at IIT, Hyderabad. For academic mini projects
point of view, I worked on four academic projects during my second and third
year of B.E. In 2015, I worked on courier information system project by
leveraging on C++. In 2016, I worked on a project which had an objective of
developing an application that will store and maintain health records, will
allow users to book appointments. We developed this application using HTML, CSS
and JavaScript etc. In the same year, I was also part of another project which
developed an application that will allow users to post or read various stories,
articles etc. In 2017, I worked on another project that was aimed at creating a
marketplace application for finding programmers.. From all these academic projects,
I have learned the practical dynamics of IT world, the importance of
perseverance, team work and out of box thinking.  I also thoroughly enjoyed
analysing a lot of data during these projects. Having gained all this exposure,
I would now like to raise the bar by adding more skills to my repertoire.
 Hence, I made a decision to pursue a Master’s program.

After deciding to study a Master’s program, I felt I must explore studying
abroad. As a result, I started doing some research to understand pros and cons.
I reached out to students who have been studying abroad and also read a lot of
forums. I understand that studying abroad has benefits such as opportunity to
interact with students from heterogeneous backgrounds, opportunity to travel,
understand how advanced nations work etc. I also felt that in general the
teaching methodologies in foreign nations are also robust as Universities have
been adopting the latest teaching styles such as case based learning. The
infrastructure in general is also of higher standards. For all these reasons, I
opted to study abroad and I specifically opted to study in Canada. Within
Canada, I have finalized to study at Lambton College. I have zeroed in on
Lambton College because of its impressive credentials and I am sure I will be
out for an academically enriching experience.

After completion of the Master’s program, I plan to pursue a career in leading
IT product development firms in India. I am hoping to work for firms such as
Oracle Labs, SAP and Service Now. Initially, I am hoping to work as a developer
in niche technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and
Cyber Security etc. This is where I believe the program will help me gain
skills in these niche technologies. Over longer term, I am aspiring to work as
a senior solution architect, product manager etc. While studying the program, I
would like to share my insights into how the Indian Information Technology
industry is adopting to the various disruptions caused by new age technology


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