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PERSONAL JOURNEY TO EXCELLENCEPersonal journeys are cherishing experience and example for coming generations to epitomize, to idealize and to capitalize the time best to its optimization by following personal approaches. Journey to excellence is kick-started with a broader vision which should possess acumen and be latching onto the available opportunities ahead of your competitors. The world remembers people/companies who have had apostle attitude.The excellence can be defined as the maximum optimization. Those who utilize their resources and time, end up achieving excellence. It needs patience, determination, learning/ rectifying from failures quickly and trying not to repeat them. Problems aggravate when they are not addressed timely.In an interview with an industry professional, I realize that success needs not be big in the beginning. Mostly, small wins lead to big results. You can be successful winning on tiny stuffs. Some key learnings that I jotted down are as follows:1.) Define your Personal Vision- “Your personal vision statement act a guide to your life and provides the direction which is necessary to chart the progression of your time  and the choices you make about your career.” Try to list down the prioritization of goals which you want to achieve within 3 years. Then, list down a Hierarchical list, i.e, Master List, Monthly List, Weekly List and Daily List in order to reach the goals.2.) “NEVER STOP LEARNING BECAUSE LIFE NEVER STOPS TEACHING”- Behind every inspirational picture, there is an untold story of constant pain and persistent effort and determination. There are people who fight an unseen battle within themselves 24/7 with a big smile on their face and there are some who feels everything as nothing but the burden, all they do is whining. Learning plays a major productive part in life as it gives you your greatest sense of meaning and purpose. 3.) Small steps lead to success- When we deny our dreams mobility, we lose ourselves. Always remember great things start small. We can dedicate our energies with such singular devotion that the ultimate results become inconsequential.4.) Dealing with Failures – When we discourage failure, we subtly discourage success. For most of our life, we live out our existence in the chain of human experience where everything is normal and reassuring and regular, but failure catapults you abruptly way out over there into the blinding darkness of disappointment. Success catapults you just as abruptly but just as far into the equally blinding glare of fame and recognition and praise.5.) STOP WEARING YOUR WISHBONE WHERE YOUR BACKBONE OUGHT TO BE- We are so over-inspired these days that across all platforms we’re inundated with quotes, memes, videos, talks but what will it take to move from inspiration to action?The answer is it takes courage. Courage to show up when you don’t want to, to make the choice that scares you in spite of the fear, not because it’s not there.Courage is where confidence is born. You don’t get confidence without it. So ask yourself what you need to move out of the way. What belief, what story have you been telling yourself about your own worth or value or ability, that is stopping you from your courageous next step to move you from where you are now to where you want to be?6.) Being true to your self is a subset of being true to others- Being true to yourself is a subset of being true to others, that’s the most important value guiding relationships with others in your life. In the hinterlands of psyche7.) STOP CRIBBING; STOP WHINING; START Encashing Opportunities- Stand Alone to Stand Apart. Once you start thriving, the world will follow you. Whatever may be the coverage, there are always immense opportunities to identify and encash them. By ‘encashing’ both a social and/or personal set of in individuals’ work and life.  8.) Uncertainties are managed with prudence- That’s right! Uncertainties are managed with prudence but one cannot simply eliminate it.Illustration- An individual intentionally purchases 3 bus tickets every time he travels from the bus with a specific end goal to avoid vulnerabilities like robbery, wear and tear and so and so forth. Is it accurate to say that he is eliminating uncertainty? You can get ready for vulnerability, however once in a while you have to go out on a limb. Daring individuals are the victors by and large in light of the fact that if like the bus passenger, you will always play the preventive card that could possibly be not required, you’ll wind up being Preventive-centered. Keep in mind, everything can’t be met by finished ventures, the best thing is scrupulousness, i.e, avoid doing mistakes. 10.)Unnoticed Achievement- Sometimes your first accomplishments go unnoticed/ unappreciated but personally it gives immense satisfaction to you once you achieve it successfully. Example-When you first time make yummy food by yourself, probably nobody knows your happiness but you. That’s your success; maybe others won’t acknowledge it or give it recognition. Remember that it’s in our nature to seek recognition from others, just know that not everyone is verbally expressive. One can simply avoid dependency on recognition.11.) Managing Emotional Intelligence- Emotional Intelligence can be defined as an individual’s capability to manage his/her emotions appropriately and efficiently because within a tiny window those emotions can take over and can impact how your life goes or rather you can learn how to take control of the micro-moment and make a decision to act in a way that actually shifts your life where your life comes down to your decisions. If you can change your decisions, you will change everything.In the end, I would say        “If you feel like You are the spark, then come out of the dark.”

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