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Paul Rand He is an graphic designer as well as an artistic director from America who is famous on account of his corporate identity design. He was borned in 1914 and died in 1996. He graduated from Art Student League of New York. He was not only learn practical design skills from school, but he also read further journals to understand the world designs. He got a lot of design concepts from the foreign magazines in this period of time, for instance Moholy-Nagy’s and Cassandre’s artistic product. He may be influenced by the modernism design mentioned in magazines which solidate his understanding to the concept of a good and innovative graphic design. His passion and ability to graphic design had been shown when he was small. He had done the icon for his father’s shop and also the school event. In his early career life, he worked for Esquire Coronet which was a company offering stock image design for the various publishers. He got a triumph due to the brilliant cover page designs for the fashion design magazines. In 1954, he quit the job of William H. Weintraub Advertising Agency and began  receiving the orders of companies’ logo design by himself. His most well-known corporate design is the one for International Business Machines. He utilized the skills usually for making movie called colour montage. It makes the pictures and background of the design to have an unity. This graphic design is successful as it tells the company’s belief to public directly and clearly. The eye is representing the respect to the public; the bee is representing their workers’ diligence; and the “M” with horizontal stripe pattern is representing their innovative technology ideas. He is also one of the pioneers of designing graphic with swiss style which is also known as international typographic style. This kind of designing style emphasizes on creating simple and clear design. This design is done by the arrangement of the order of the texts. It can effectively tell the message to the public by the organized texts’ pattern rather than using some complex design to capture the public sight. Take the above Rand’s design as an example, people will notice “Give La Palina” these three big words firstly and then look at the background small words. When we combine these texts, it gives out the message that people can send La Palina cigars as Christmas gift.

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