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Partaking in Young Enterprise’s two-day business workshop in Year 8 commenced my curiosity for the enormous world of business. Subsequently, I advanced to choosing business as part of my three options at GCSE. This gave me an opportunity to plan, setup and execute a business idea along with a team; and being elected for the role of Managing Director enhanced the entire experience. The progression of my curiosity led me to undertaking work experience at TCS in London within the marketing department. During this period, I realised the enormity of the various departments in the business. I left the company with a lingering question in my mind-what effect does the behaviour of a business or company like this have on the economy? Amidst finding an answer to this question, I discovered the world of economics.Apart from the usual duty of keeping in touch with the current economic affairs on the news, I also regularly read various articles on websites such as Investopedia; topics ranging from ‘Trump vs. Clinton’s economic policies’ to ‘Fashion Week: A Snapshot’. Due to my college not offering Economics, I am studying online courses to gain a deeper theoretical knowledge of the subject. I am also an avid adherent of the UN organisation-UN Women. The fact that the employment-to-population ratio for women is 47.1% compared to men’s 72.3% is alarming. Studying economics at university would allow me to fully understand why these statistics stand the way they are. In the future, this understanding would enable me to be a part of the macroeconomic policies that the UN Women devices to promote women’s economic empowerment. I was a member of a team that took part in a Religious Education debate at the Houses of Parliament. I believe this experience acquired me skills like carrying out analytical research, suitable note taking and forming effectual speech. Studying Maths at A-level has kept my numerical ability at its optimum and has also enhanced my problem solving skills. I specifically enjoy the statistical parts of the course, as it is heavy on interpreting mathematical information. I was elected as Head Girl in Year 11; I regularly directed and presented assemblies, led student council meetings, attended trustee meetings and worked with the staff to bring positive changes to the school. At sixth form, I work as a senior prefect. My role involves communicating with various individuals and helping to run important school events such as open evenings. Amongst all the different awards I have achieved, the two I am most proud of are the Young Leader’s Award and the SSAT Student Leadership Accreditation (gold certificate). These awards highlight my leadership and team working ability plus the contribution I have made to the local community. I am aware of my predicted grades currently not meeting the entry requirements due to extenuating circumstances. With hard work and dedication I assure meeting the requirements by august. Studying Economics allows one to turn the page of a newspaper and meticulously understand, critique and formulate opinions on the information.This keeps my passion for economics at its optimum. I want to study Economics not because I am just striving for success in the field. I am aspiring for the excellence and the access to a better understanding of the wider world.

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