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has long and symbiotic relationship with china which is based on mutual
support. Pakistan and China relationship began in 1950 as Pakistan is the first
muslim country to establish relations with China. Pakistan helped China to
establish relations with the muslim world. Due to Pakistan , China became a
member of UN. The two countries had regularly exchanged high level visits
resulting in a variety of agreements.

relations were established in 1950. Military assistance began in 1966. Economic
cooperation began in 1969.

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relations between Pakistan and China established on 21 May,1951. In Sino-Indian
war, in 1962, China and Pakistan joined hands against india. One year after
sino-Indian war,  Pakistan buit the
Qaraqaram track to China to improve the diplomatic relations. As Pakistan
opened a gate for China to the west that made possible the Richard Nixon US  president visit to china. China is done
provided extensive economic aid and political support towards Pakistan. After
9/11,Pakistan had increased the scope of chinese influenceand support by
agreeing the number of military projects, combined with extensive economic
support and investment from the chinese. China supports Pakistan on Kashmir
while Pakistan supports China on the issues of Xinjiang, Tibet and Taiwan.

Trade between Pakistan and China is increased in recent years. China greatly
increases its investment in Pakistan. A trade free agreement has been signed
recently. China is helping to develop Pakistan’s infrastructure through the
construction of power plants, roads and communication nodes. Pakistan exports
cotton and jute to China. Zong (first 3G and 4G network operator in Pakistan is
the first overseas setup and it relates to China.

sponsored a wide variety of projects in Pakistan in which Gawadar deep seaport,
Larkana sugar mill, saingda copper project in Balochistan, machine tool factory
of Karachi are included. In upcoming projects, Tharcoal power plant, Lahore
orange metro train project, Dawod wind power project at Sindh, road
network  corridor for Kasghar to Gawadar,
Quaid-e-azam solar power Bahawalpur,coal powerplant Sahiwal and coal power
plant Jhelum are included.

enjoys strong defense ties with Pakistan. China provided a lot of military
equipments to the Pakistan army. China is helping Pakistan in establishing
factories, providing technological factories as well as financial support.
Heavy mechanical complex, Aeronautical complex Kamra. The armies had also scheduled
a joint military exercises. China had Pakistan when there is no hope of
external support. In 1965 and 1971 wars, both countries are involved in the
several projects to enhance the military and defense system which includes
JF-17 Thunder, Fighter aircraft, K-8 Karakarom advance craft, Al-Khalid tanks,
the Babar cruise mizzale, F-22 naval Frigates.

helped Pakistan in developing its nuclear power plants. China gave technical
and material support in completing Chasma nuclear power plant I,II,III,IV,V
that played a major role in Uranium production. Chinese played a role in
building a Khushab reactor which is playing a key role in Pakistan’s production
of plutonium.

In world.China and Pakistan relations
is compared to Israel US relations. In 2010, US questioned anout Pakistan and
China. The Chinese responded that Pakistan is our Israel. Pakistan former
president Pervaiz Musharaf said about this friendship that it is time-tested
and all-weather friendship. In return , Chinese president Jintao referred
Pakistan as a good friend and partner.

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