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2 (Description)
is unpredictable, you won’t know what will happen to you, until you
try making a difference for yourself.
thought that this dream of mine is something that I cannot achieve
because this is who I am, a man with no confidence in him. But now, I
have changed myself and also my life. I also became a friend to her,
the woman in the red dress.
has this extraordinary smile that can really make your day by just
glancing on it. Also possessing a voice that was envied by the
angels, the poise of youth and an eye that can see through your soul.
Her self-confidence is also something that only few people has. She’s
proud and humble about her life. She has a good judgment and always
making the right decisions. The best thing about her character is
that she’s contented with what she has. A one of a kind Filipino.
knew that I can still find a girl like her.

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effect to me is like a good drug. Thinking of her makes me addicted,
but also it erases all of my problems. I even made my nights become
days just to talk with her. That’s just the least that I can do for
I talk to her, I isolate myself in my room because I don’t want
anyone disturbing me. My room became my castle, where I am free doing
size of my room in square foot is nine by nine. The color of the
walls is yellow with a touch of blue at the bottom part of it. I have
a drawer full of my daily attires and a cabinet that has all of my
important clothes and things. The bed that I use is enough for just
one person. There’s also a wall fan near my bed. This room only has
a one set of windows. The light in the room is normal, it’s not
too bright and not too dim. And on its ceiling, there’s an exhaust
fan, that slowly remove the heat in the room.
best thing about this room is that, it’s so relaxing. Whenever
someone is trying to find I’m just there laying down on my bed and
talking to her peacefully. And sometimes, if I’m not talking to
her, you can still find me inside that room, sleeping.
time I enter this room, all my stress and problems fade away.

I also have my phone with me,
which I use in order to talk her and for entertainment purposes. The
color of my phone is silver with a black case. Its size is 5.5 inches
and an easy to carry phone. The brand is Samsung and it has the
latest Android version. Memory size is 48 gigabytes and it also
contains all the applications needed to use it properly.

As funny as it sounds this
phone became my friend. It’s always been with me since I got it. I
use it for educational purposes and also my medium so that I can talk
to her on social media.

say that it is bad for you to waste your time on the phone, but for
me it helped me to become a better person.

My room and my phone are the
best things that I ever have. These things help me to change the way
I live my life. These two combines remove my nervousness over the
small things and helped me to have self-confidence. As a millennial
this became my way to change myself in a good way.

It always has, even a pleasure
to have them even though I have now found the girl that I really
like. Without them, I will not be like this.

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