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The six principles of Jugaad are what the book the talks about in depth. 

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“Seek Opportunity in Adversity”- adversity is what arises opportunities. One needs to see the challenges not as a hindrance but as a chance or moment to bring about change. These difficulties include poor infrastructure, handicapped administration, poor populations, etc.
“Do more with Less”- Gustavo Grobocopatel, an Argentinian farmer wanted to increase his family’s farm productions. However in his country land labor were scarce. In addition his financial condition was not very stable  too. Grobocopatel, thus thought of renting out his farm equipments, subcontracting for labor and leasing the land instead of wasting capital by buying it. Within a few years his company, Los Grobo had become the second largest grain producer in Latin America. Thus accomplishments with minimal amount of money should be the goal.
“Think and Act Flexibly”- Dr. V. Mohan, to help the increasing number of diabetic patients in India started a telemedicine clinic to provide help to the remote villages. His idea was to help the people in far off villages in a way that he didn’t have to travel so far. The drawback however here came up when his funds to pay the technicians who followed up with the patients ran out. This is when the Indian government upon his urge provided a free satellite hookup for the telemedicine services.
“Keep It Simple”- Infant mortality was another problem in India at the time, which could be solved with the use of proper incubators. However they were not affordable. This is when Indian pediatrician Dr. Sathya Jeganathan designed a wooden incubator that could be heated up only by a 100-watt lightbulb. Her incubator was affordable and required very little maintenance. This invention effectively reduces infant mortality in her hospital by half.
“Include the Margin”- Dr. Rana Kapoor set up YES BANK with the only aim of serving the 600 million Indians without any access to a bank. The bank earned 2% above its lending costs in no time, which proved to be better than the other average banks. 
“Follow your Heart”- Last but not the least one should not be afraid to be dependent on their instincts. Steve Jobs, the man behind Apple relied on his own intuitions. He believed in “customer-minded innovation” instead of “customer-driven innovation.” And need I talk about his very successful iPhones, iPads and macbooks. 

The book has enough examples of human ingenuity. It certainly inspires me to look at the often ignored aspect of entrepreneurship which is innovation. This book has given me the knowledge to incorporate the notion of jugaad within current theorizing on innovation and entrepreneurship and outline an agenda for future research.
I have gained ample amount of knowledge from this book. This book has encouraged me to have the courage to think differently. This I think is the biggest challenge faced by entrepreneurs as they are afraid to try new ideas or think out of the box. Jugaad has inspired me to not only think out of the box but also have the courage to create my own box. The idea must be simple but driven by a unique mindset. Another point to note is “One has to jump into the fishbowl in order to understand the fish”. In simple words study your market well, in order to differentiate between what the consumers need than what they think is nice for them to have.

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