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This paper will demonstrate critical thinking by identifying and prioritizing nursing interventions for a middle old female with primary diagnosis of fractured left NOF, from admission, pre op and post op care including Audrey’s transition from acute care to rehab facility. With careful consideration of her past medical history that may have repercussions to her current status and her prescribed medications’ individual nursing considerations to patient care. By the end of this discussion, we will have a systematic nursing process that will cover Audrey’s holistic recovery through solid evidenced based nursing interventions. 


Mrs Audry has a history of falls, and has a score of 16/20 in Falls Risk Assessment Tool making her a candidate for possible falls during hospital stay.Health care providers must make sure no additional injury is added to Mrs. Audry’s condition. Make sure the bed is situated near the bedside table towards her stronger side as possible to enable her to reach her needs. Adjust the bed in the lowest possible position with non skid floor mats nearby. Lock wheels of movable equipment and instruct Mrs Audrey the use of call light for any assistance. Thus, lessens the risk factors of fall. 

Impaired physical immobility of Mrs. Audrey related to physical deconditioning and her recent NOF fracture as evidenced by decreased motor functions also needs attention. Identifying causative factors such as depression, iv tubings, IDC tubings, hip fracture, capability of movement are helpful to determine the type interventions for Mrs. Audrey’s safety. Also , assessing functional ability that determines the degree of immobility is important to provide information for potential recovery. To promote optimal level of function, Mrs. Audry needs assistance with the treatment of the underlying condition that causes pain such as her preparation for the surgery, pre op medications and assessments must be provided. Valid Consent must be secured and she must thoroughly understand the importance and risks involved. Assist repositioning and support affected body part with pillows to reduce risk of pressure ulcers. Evaluate Mrs. Audrey’s positive response to teachings. 

Risk for infection ivf and IDC

Hygiene and comfort

Impaired comfort related to illness related symptoms must also be included in nursing care. Discuss any concerns with Mrs. Audrey and active listen to identify issues which leads to determine client specific needs and ability to change own situation. Ascertain patient comfort by raising head of bed, providing pillows, adequate lighting, noise control, body positioning, assisting her to alleviate discomfort. 

Self care deficit related to musculo- skeletal impairement as evidenced by impaired ability to access toilet is one fo Mrs.s Audrey’s concern. Note existing conditions that may be factors of care like pain related to NOF fracture, slight right sided weakness, and assess barriers to participation regiment such depression may helps identify contributing factors. to assist in dealing with the situation, provide any or all hygiene needs like towel and soap. Provide assistance to bedpan. Implement bladder training and toilet training as indicated. Mrs. Audry will later identify areas of weakness or needs in performing sefl care. 

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