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 This prompted Ishtar, the goddess of fertility to fall in love with him and even propose. Unfortunately, the king rejected the proposal, terming her as the corruptor of all men, cruel and unfaithful; she was infuriated and felt insulted. In a bid to get revenge, she went to his father to unleash the bull of heaven.’ Father, let me have the Bull of heaven, to kill Gilgamesh, for if you do not grant me the bull of heaven, I will pull down the gates of heaven itself, Crush the doorpost and flatten the door And I will let the dead leave’. The unstoppable creature was responsible for seven years of destruction on earth and severe starvation. The two friends came together to fight the beast and were eventually victorious after cuffing it with the chains of heaven. This only made Ishtar more furious as Gilgamesh for the second time crushed her reputation. She had them punished for killing a beast of the gods. The sins punishment was death and Enkidu being a creation of the gods had to heed to the sentence. Enkidu slowly returned to clay which he had come from, Gilgamesh held on to his crumbling friend desperately in his arms as he cried. This was the turning point of Gilgamesh’s life- the impact cannot be understated. 

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The death of Enkidu
Up until this moment, Gilgamesh had been moving through life by his own selfish standards. He had just been purging, accumulating wealth, having many women. When he saw his friend returning to dust, he had a complete change in his views.  Suddenly, death had inspired a great feeling of gripping fear and grief in him. This was attributed to the fact that someone he considered an equal could die. He registered the actual reality of death for the first time and fell into a deep depression- this is considered the climax of the epic.  Gilgamesh sets out to find himself, to truly know the path of humanity before it comes to its eventual end. With his energy and vigor fading due to the depression, he sought out the ancient spirit herb of immortality and perpetual youth. The fear of death pushed him. 

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