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Frankenstein Chapter Summaries Louis Noonan

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Chapter 1: 
To begin with Mary Shelley opens her novel through exploring Victor Frankensteins family background from before he was born to his childhood. He tells stories of how his family was one of the most known and liked family in their republic, and how his father who is not yet named this early in the novel was a well respected man who was well known for his integrity and indefatigable attention to public business. Victor’s Father and Mr Beaufort, his mother Caroline’s father had a very friendly relationship as they both shared many similarities and got along with each other like they were each others clone. However, Mr Beaufort became very sick and with all the assistance he passed away a few months after falling ill. Soon later Victor was born into the family and remained the only child until Caroline decided to adopt a girl who was Victors age 5 years after Victors birth who was named Elizabeth.

Chapter 2:
Throughout chapter 2 Mary explores how Victors relationship with Elizabeth grows stronger and stronger with the two becoming best friends. Victor then discusses his relationship with his close schoolmate Henry Clerval who he shared a lot in common with. Labelling his childhood the happiest anyone could ask for with the help of his two best friends and his parents. As his teenage years grew he became more and more interested in the different sciences of the world studying books by Cornelius Agrippa.

Chapter 3:
During chapter 3 Victor decides that at just age 17 he will move away his family in Geneva to attend the university at Ingolstadt so that he can study natural philosophy with M. Krempe who tells him that his been studying all the wrong things. Just before Victor leaves to go to the university Victors mother catches scarlet fever from Elizabeth who she took the time to look after and sadly passes away soon after catching the fever. 

Chapter 4
Throughout chapter 4 Mary explores how much Victor is loving his time at the university putting in all the hard yards while having to put aside his much loved family and friends back home in Geneva. Through his study he becomes extremely interested in the mystery of the creation of life, so much so he decides to study how the human body is built and how it dies. After a number years of endless work he puts together all that his teachers have taught him and takes it one step further discovering the secret of life. He starts work hidden away in his apartment where no one can see or know what he’s up to and decides to begin the construction of a creature.Whilst constructing his master piece he has to sacrifice everything else forgetting about family, friends, studies, and social life all leading to him growing pale, lonely, and obsessed.

Chapter 5
During this chapter Mary explores the completion of Victors creation and the troubles and successes he comes across. When Victor finally brings his creation to life, its ugliness horrifies him. Soon later he goes into his bedroom and tries to sleep, but he is kept wide awake by nightmares about Elizabeth and his mother’s corpse. When he wakes up he finds the monster watching over his bed with a creepy smile. The next morning, he walks the streets of the town of Ingolstadt, staying away from his now haunted apartment. As he is walking through the town Victor runs into his old school friend Henry Clerval, who has just arrived to start studying at the university. The thought of seeing Henry made him relax a little remembering all his loved ones back home so he decides to brings him back to his apartment. When Victor enters his apartment he is happy to find that his creation is no where to be found. After numerous sleepless nights and he becomes sick with some kind of fever which lasts for several months where Henry was left to take care of him. Once Victor fully recovers Henry gives him a note from Elizabeth which she had sent him whilst he was sick.

Chapter 6
This chapter is based off Elizabeth’s letter which she writes to show her concern about Victor’s sickness and tells him that he should write to his family as soon as he recovers or is well enough to inform them of his conditions. Elizabeth also tells him that Justine Moritz, who used to live with his family has once again returned to their house after the death of her mother. Once Victor has fully recovered from his sickness, he decides to repay Henry for looking after him by introducing him to all the professors at the university. Victor decides that he will return to his home in Geneva.

Chapter 7
This chapter explores the death of Victors younger brother, where Victor discovers a letter from his father informing him that his youngest brother William has been murdered. After hearing the tragic news he becomes deeply saddened and decides go straight home to Geneva to be with his family during such hard times. When Victor finally arrives back in Geneva, it is already dark and the gates getting into Geneva have already been shut this meant that Victor had to find somewhere outside of the walls to sleep for the night so he explores the surrounding woods in hope to find somewhere. When he discovers the spot where Williams body had been found, he spots the creature he created walking round the area and becomes convinced that his creation is responsible for killing his brother. When morning comes he enters the gate and returns home to his family. He finds out that Justine is the main person being accused for his murder which knowing it was not her made him feel terrible. Victor decides to argue Justine’s innocence, but giving the evidence found on her no one believes a word of what he says. 

Chapter 8
For whatever reason in this chapter Justine gives up on all hope and decides to confesses to the murder even though she had nothing to do with it, before she is punished she tells Elizabeth and Victor the truth saying that she was lying to try and gain salvation and that she is actually innocent. As the 2 dig into the incident they are unable to find any evidence to help prove her innocence and sadly it becomes too late and Justine killed as a result. As a result Victor becomes filled with guilt, knowing that what he created has now been the cause of the 2 deaths of members of his family.

Chapter 9
This chapter explores the after mass of Justine being killed for a murder she did not commit leaving Victor with some serious depression. Leading him to consider suicide to fix his problems  but with the thought of how it would affect Elizabeth and his father stopped him from doing so. In an attempt to bring joy and excitement to his son, Victors dad takes his children on a trip to his family home in Belrive. From Belrive, Victor decides to walk alone without guides or anyone  into the valley of Chamounix. From this he finally finds a way to cheer himself up to some extent, but his relief from all the sadness is soon lost.

Chapter 10
Chapter 10 explores the adventures Victor has whilst travelling through the mountains. Victor wakes up one day to the feelings of depression coming back to him, so he decides to go for a walk to the summit of Montanvert, in hope to discover a once in a lifetime view looking out at the gully and glaciers. However, When he does finally make it to top of the glacier, he is stopped by an unknown creature which he spots sprinting in his direction at an incredible speed. As the creature gets closer and closer he recognises the ugliness of the creature. In an attempt to save himself he tries to scare the creature away from him but to his surprise all he wants Victor to do is to follow him into his home where he is to explain what he has done in life.

Chapter 11
Mary continues to discuss the life of the creature throughout this chapter. Whilst sitting by the fire in his cave, the creature tells Victor of all the difficulties he has had to experience upon being created. From his life living in Victor’s apartment to the life he lives now living in the wilderness his had to teach himself all the tricks of life from learning he needs food and water to how it gets light and dark during the same day. The creature tells Victor the story of how he came across the warmth of his fire but was unaware of how much it hurt whilst touching that fire. He learns that he is able to keep the fire alive by adding more and more wood, and that the fire is good not only for heat and warmth but also for making food. Whilst finding food he learns to go into towns and scaring the people who live their and stealing their food for himself.

 Chapter 12
Throughout this chapter we see a nice change in the creature. This is explored through him watching his neighbours for a long period of time, and notices that they are struggling with life as they seem sad.As a way to try make them little happier he decides to stop taking their food and tries to reduce all their hardships this was done through gathering wood at night and leaving it at the doorstep of their hut for their own personal use. He then discovers that the humans are able to communicate with each other through some kind of language which to him just sounded like random sounds being made he decides to try and match the sounds they make with the hand gestures they do whilst speaking. After a while the creature learns enough to discover that the mans name is Felix and the girls is Agatha. Soon later he tells of how he finally discovers why everyone is so scared of him and its because of his ugliness which he discovered in a puddle of water he found on the side of a path.

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