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• ?ur Business Structure
Singles C?nnect™, LLC, is a s?cial netw?rking website that intends t? gr?w big in ?rder t? c?mpete fav?rably with leading s?cial netw?rking websites in the industry b?th in the United States and ?n a gl?bal stage. We are aware ?f the imp?rtance ?f building a s?lid business structure that can supp?rt the picture ?f the kind ?f w?rld class business we want t? ?wn. This is why we are c?mmitted t? ?nly hire the best hands within ?ur area ?f ?perati?ns.
At Singles C?nnect™, LLC, we will ensure that we hire pe?ple that are qualified, hardw?rking, creative, result driven, cust?mer centric and are ready t? w?rk t? help us build a pr?sper?us business that will benefit all the stake h?lders (the ?wners, w?rkf?rce, and cust?mers).
As a matter ?f fact, pr?fit-sharing arrangement will be made available t? all ?ur seni?r management staff and it will be based ?n their perf?rmance f?r a peri?d ?f five years ?r m?re as agreed by the b?ard ?f trustees ?f the c?mpany. In view ?f the ab?ve, we have decided t? hire qualified and c?mpetent hands t? ?ccupy the f?ll?wing p?siti?ns;
• Chief Executive ?fficer
• Creative Direct?r
• Human Res?urces and Admin Manager
• Sales and Marketing Executive
• Acc?untant
• Web Designer cum Graphic Artist
• C?ntent Creat?r / ?nline Traffic Generat?r
• Client Service Executive

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