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The National Geographic has dubbed Costa Rica a little piece of paradise, and this is not just any sycophantic or servile flattering description. It has been the favorite getaway for vacation lovers from all over the world, with about a quarter of the country’s landmass comprising of natural parks, forest reserves, and beaches. It is also mostly mountainous with layers of lowland stretching along the coasts of the Pacific.Now, if this isn’t enough to bubble you up for a fun-filled adventure, I know what is! There are a couple of things you could do to not only pass the time in this lovely country but to have the time of your God-blessed lives!Of course, we have you covered with a few of these things you could do to kick away stress on your well-deserved vacation in this surreal country of your dreams. Let’s go!Arenal Volcano WatchingLocated in the Arenal Observatory lodge close to the town of La Fortuna, the Arenal Volcano is a prime position for volcano watching. Since 1968, when the 7000-year old volcano violently erupted, it has been spewing hot ash and molten rock, creating many hot springs where you can relax and feel close to nature. ZipliningLooking at the sky and wondering if you could see the beautiful world from the bird’s eye view? Well, ziplining in the rainforest is your dream come through. Attached to a zip line, you could go on for miles viewing every bit of rainforest inhabitants from the dangerous snakes slithering on the trees to the hippo in the river and also the colony of soldier ants working on the ground. It is an addictive and refreshing run.Turtle Watching If you ever find yourself out on the coast, you might find out that watching turtles lay their eggs, rest a little while before heading out to the sea again isn’t half as dull as it sounds.Monteverde Cloud ForestCloud forests are a beauty to behold. Clouds hover around these beautiful trees creating a covering on the top of the forest until they condense and rest on the vegetation below, with water dripping from the leaves.The Monteverde Cloud Forest is no exception to this idyllic scenery. Established in 1972, this reserve covers about 35,089 acres of forested land, with hundreds of species to watch and appreciate, ranging from mammals to birds and reptiles.  The Beaches

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It turns out that being in the southern end of the American continent has its perks. Since the Pacific borders the nation, there are miles and miles of cool beaches to enjoy serenity and nature. The best part is, there are so many of them, it is hardly ever overpopulated. From the Playal Conchal, north of Tamarindo to the Manuel Antonio, the existence of beaches is one of the primary reasons why Costa Rica is a location loved by adventure seekers and nature lovers. 

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