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Mother earth the only habitable planet in our solar system the only planet which could sustain human life,I have always loved the earth as the inhabitants of earth due to its wonderful cultures and diversity,As a child i have always wondered when the earth would stop sustaining human life and how would it end.I would always look at the stars and wondered hard.But recently researchers have found the answer to my horrifying questions,The alarming rise in temperature,and the calamity that would occur due to our recklessness is unbearable to imagine,thus leading us to my topic which is to create the awareness of the rise in temperature in our surrounding or what is usually known as global warming,to stop our reckless behaviour which would effect the time to come.


My journey to achieve a potent product for my goal was progressing slowly due to my slow progress my supervisor miss Renny has decided to guide me for my future endeavours with a small powerpoint presentation,This was the start of the long and rough road ahead to achieve my product,this is the brainstorming phase of my product as the key to creating a potent awareness is an out of this world product,during this period of time I have drafted several different topics from which i could choose one to express my ideas,i have listed a total of 8 different topics of my liking from which I would choose one,in this period of time i have reached my mentor for guidance due to my uncertainty of topics,supervisors were given to us prior to the personal project as they would assist student on creating the finest projects.after this period of discussing with my mentor i have finally reached my conclusion,i have chosen one topic and it would be GLOBAL WARMING,i have chosen this topic as the society have not realised this great epidemic occurring at this moment on the mother earth,and with all the warning signs shown in our surroundings people would still overlook the great danger opposed by global warming. people in the surroundings (teenagers and adults) have yet realise the dangerous consequences created by global warming not just for the present but the future would also be effected by the prolonged side-effects of global warming.

Here are the list of my other 8 topics:


The reason behind my topic is personalised,as the though of this epidemic occurring on mother earth is unbearable as mother earth have been sustaining human life and it has given us wonderful cultures,locations,flora and fauna.and i think it is our duty to protect the earth,by the means of enabling it to flourish in the earth.thus my reasons for creating my product as i think that the magnificent floras and faunas of the earth are of the upmost importance as it effects the surroundings to thus it is worth our effort to protect.

As a child i have always been fascinated in flowers as my father use to collect flowers and he would frame it on my walls and i would stare at them for hours and hours,and due to our hasty and reckless action we have created this epidemic which is known commonly as global warming and global warming would effect the fauna of the world reducing the variety of plant life in the world and the though of this is saddening thus my reason behind my awareness.

today,the effects of global warming could be felt as droughts,floods and forest fires that have occurred in different countries and continent,this is due to the effects of global warming which is neglected by the society.To display my personal project in one sentence i have made a title which is ‘GLOBAL WARMING — the consequence of our actions in the present’,i have chosen this topic as i believe that this topic would have an impact on the society as this line signifies the result of our rash actions such as deforestation and burning fossil fuels. At this rate if the human race doesn’t reduce the intake of fossil fuel and the amount of deforestation we would face the rising result of our hasty action which is global warming in the near future much faster then expected.

through my product i would like to obtain the interest of the society by creating a product which would create awareness on the ever-present danger(global warming),i would like to create awareness into the peoples mind to show how the earth could be effected in the future how the younger generations would have to face such difficult challenges.

In every beginning of any task we would first need a question based on our inquiry(inquiry question)this question would guide us in our path to achieve our personal inquiry question would be — “how could i aware the society about the dangers of global warming?”

To create a product which would create awareness on global warming


global warming is thought in our primary and middle years the topic global warming are though in the class of geography,this class explains the state of the surroundings and mother earth itself,and this subject is a great help to create awareness based on global warming because this subject teaches the changes occurring in mother earth,this would help create awareness for the this subject we leaned of the forest fires,loggings,droughts and the flooding occurring throughout the whole earth.the teaching which was implanted it in my head due to my wonderful geography teacher.

I have also studied and read about global warming from external sources such as articles and books in my primary stages of school as i was intrigued in the effects and the causes of global warming as in my early ages i have always wanted to stop global warming as global warming has effected the earth,it is evident from the decrease in amount of rain and snow lately.


global context was needed for my project as it would help guide me throughout the process of obtaining my product,i had to choose between several options which would be most relatable to my current topic and the topic which would be most suitable was scientific and technological innovation.

How the world works: an inquiry into the natural world and its laws; the interaction between the natural world (physical and biological) and human societies; how humans use their understanding of scientific principles; the impact of scientific and technological advances on society and on the environment.

My topic global warming is a very important topic as without the awareness the society would keep on continuing the actions which would lead to the pollution of earth and global warming would surely be inevitable.this global context would be suitable to my topic as the product which i would be making is a temperature sensor,it is connected to the technological innovation as in our world technology is advancing by the minute, it would also connect with my product as the creation of a homemade and an easy to use temperature sensor would be a scientific innovation.


selection of my resource,my resource selection would be both taken from primary and secondary source.i have decided to obtain my research data from surveys and from the internet as i could cross check my findings and i could see if the resource i find is suitable for my product,and if the resources which i have found is not sufficient i could use books allocated in my schools library.
my sources:

primary source – my primary source would be my surveys, this survey would be taken from the society from my surroundings.this survey would help me create a better product and to gather readings on how many people in my surroundings care for global warming.and how many would prevent it from happening.

secondary sources – i would conduct my secondary source gathering from the internet as i could cross check the finding i obtain from my primary source which is the surveys.i could cross check my findings as some information i obtain might be false. i could also gather information from the books in the school library.


questions i would be asking:

how to make a temperature
what are the factors which could effect the sensitivity of the temp sensor
how would we increase or decrease the sensitivity of the temp sensor
should i make my temperature sensor portable

this questions above would be very helpful as it would help me create the most efficient temperature sensor for the society as i would like to make my temperature sensor user friendly for the it could later be used easily by my classmates or my family.

my first survey(my father) — as one of my family have had a large amount of experience with the creation of robotics,my father also have taken computer science major in college,with this much experience my father would be the most suitable candidate for my initial survey.i asked my father questions on the creation of my product which was the temperature sensor. these are some of the question which i have asked to my father on my product:

how to make a temperature
what are the factors which could effect the sensitivity of the temp sensor
how would we increase or decrease the sensitivity of the temp sensor
should i make my temperature sensor portable

my second survey(computer science teacher)-i would use this information which i have gathered to be used for the cross checking of my information i have gained from my father. the information given by the computer science teacher would be very accurate as a computer science teacher have devoted his whole life into the studies of technology.i have asked the same questions.



i think the awareness should start from a young age as in my opinion children could create an impact not only in the present but also for the future as they are the future generation to be,meaning that if children could understand the importance of this issue the future generations could avoid the same mistakes we have created in the present.and with this i conclude that i would present my temperature sensor to the young generation or the children in my school.cause they would have a greater impact in the society than the adults.

what are the factors which could effect the sensitivity of the temp sensor
how would we increase or decrease the sensitivity of the temp sensor
should i make my temperature sensor portable
would you like the temperature sensor to be user-friendly
would you like the temperature sensor to be large or small and minimalistic 

here are my criteria.


my goal would be to create the most efficient and useful product for the society which would help the betterment of the society


this criteria asses the complexity of the user interface of the product,as the society would prefer an easy to use product then a complex product as it would save time,and user does not have to read the manual to understand how the product work 


this criteria asses the research I’ve taken it helps me to get enough sufficient research to create a good product


this criteria helps asses the materials which would be used to create the product


i would have to further continue my research on the creations of my product
i have to compile all the information i have gathered and i have to choose which information i could use or i could erase for my personal project(which information is inclined with my guidelines)
i have to gather information on Arduino,i have to gather information on arduino as it would be a platform in which i could start my product.
i have found a design inside the arduino dvd itself which have helped me create a temperature sensor
once i am done with the creation of my product i would ask other class mates and my family member to evaluate my product,and i would like them to point out the flaws on my product
once this happen i would create adjustments needed for my product and once this is done i would give lend them to teachers so i could show them to the society.
evaluation of my product must be made


The creation of my product would need a lot of hard work and timing as in my opinion my product is very hard to create.and i think self-management would be an important factor for my progress,as without the self-management skill i could not create my product on time for the submission and i would also divert from my main goal,thus the need of creating criteria and the timeline as in my opinion both of this may create a large impact on my product,and keeping these two factors in mind i could create a product desired to my main goal and i would also create it in a systematic manner,meaning i could plan my progress step by step from the research to the final creation of my product.



step one


step two

step three


step four


step five

criteria C:

after gathering and compiling all my resources i have now reach the point of the creation of my product,i have had enough information to create a suitable and user-friendly temperature sensor,i have very high hopes towards my product as i think my product would be the best as my topic and my global context would guide me towards creating my product.

In this part of my research i have used both prior knowledge and the knowledge i have gained through my various research. my previous knowledge of robotics was a great help it gave an enormous contribution towards my robotics creation.i had to use my thinking and problem solving skill to create my product a good one.i have to choose which parts of the robotics would be placed where,the quality of the parts of the temperature sensor and the software of the product.everything in my temperature sensor requires its own set of skills.and i have to also create my product appealing to the customers eyes,with this i have to also explain to each users how the temperature sensor work,meaning i would have to create a manual for my product.

on of the major help for my product was the survey with the technology teacher,the survey from my technology teacher helped me create a more durable and user friendly sensor for the consumer.and the feedback i have gotten from my friends and family from which i have give my temperature sensor was a big help to me to,as with the feedback that was given to me i could adjust my temperature sensor form the flaws which they have told me about.such as the software flaws for example,it was not working the first time.

with the creation of my product i have improved on my robotics skills as with the massive amount of experience i have gained through my journey throughout the creation of my product i have gain the skills of creating a better temperature sensor.and i have also develop both my critical thinking skill and my communication skills throughout the creation of my product as i have compiled the information and i have discussed with people from different backgrounds on creating my product,thus increasing my critical thinking skills,robotics skills and my skills of communication.

I think this personal project have helped me create a better bond with both my family and my friends, as in the progress of completing my product i have met different people as i have to complete my survey which would later define my product,and in my opinion my communication skills have improved due to the various interactions.without this survey i would have not been able to leave my comfort zone,and i would have not completed my product as per the standards i have set.and i think because of this project i am now a much more open person then i was before and i think the encounter from different people have helped me build my confidence.


through my journey of creating my personal project i have gain an ample amount of experience,right from the initial start of my personal project i have gained information as my family and friends have supported me into creating a temperature sensor as they were the one who gave me the idea for the topic of global it is written in criteria a i have several main topics yet i have chosen global warming.

Testing for my product: there are many ways of testing my products but these are just some

peer evaluation
family evaluation

Self-Evaluation:self evaluation is the method of me evaluating my product myself by reflecting on my mistakes and looking at my guidelines which i have set for my own product this would help me evaluate my mistakes which i have created.

Peer Evaluation: i could use my friends to know wether my temperature sensor is up to the mark or it is below the standards of my product,they would be testing me wether i have finished my product up to my criteria or is it below the mark.or is it better then what it is expected.

Family Members:my family would be testing my product as they do not know the design of the product making it very useful for my test.



self – evaluation – the response i got was mostly positive but in my opinion i have done a satisfactory job due to the amount of weaknesses in my product more in numbers then my strength,this is a massive factor as my product could create complications towards the user using my product,and i think that if i had spent more time creating my product i would have created a much more effective product for the topic then just a mere temperature sensor,i could have created a website,however the progress in creating my product has helped me understand the basic robotic language.

challenges which i felt was the most challenging was the learning of the code used to create the arduino technology,i think it was hard as i had to remember all the statements which i would use,i was also considering taking tuition to solve my problems,but i have manage to remember statements without taking help.

i have learned new skills such as time management,critical thinking,thinker and caring,in my opinion i have developed all this skill,as i have to care for the surroundings environment,critical thinking and thinker as i had to create a fast simple and reliable solution for my topic which was global warming and time management as i have to manage a timeline for which i create my product and i think this is how i have develop as an ib learner.


to get the arduino kit: “WHAT IS ARDUINO?” Arduino – Home, MLA format-“International Baccalaureate.” International Baccalaureate / MYP Global Contexts,
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“Product.” Elegoo IndustriesIngenious Fun DIY Electronics and Kits, Accessed 28 Jan. 2018

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